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  1. metropolis93fan

    Oh dear God Tap water issue.... help

    I'm just discovering a tap water issue. Need advice. I'm calling in the cityu morning but it smells like algae. I started noticing in summer that bottles of water (which was through a brita filter) that were left out 24+ hours were stinky like algae and tasted bad after cleaning with vinegar...
  2. S

    How to clean java moss before adding it to my tank

    Hi all, I bought the java moss about 2 months ago and it's been sitting in water in a plastic tray on my window sill growing waiting for me to get around to doing something with it, hence this post. I have read that rinsing it, soaking in a 5% chlorine solution for 20 minutes, and then rinsing...
  3. T

    Axelotle in container

    I went to an exotic reptile and amphibian shop. I saw some axelotles in Tupperware containers with some air holes in them. Is this normal for pet stores to keep axelotles like this? There was almost no room for movement and smelled absolutely terrible. Just wandering if this is reasonable...
  4. Falconwithaboxon

    New Tank

    Hello guys, So I just bought a 45 gallon aquarium off of Facebook. I checked and the has no leaks or cracks. I'm just wondering what would be the best way to clean the glass. I was just going to get a Mr Clean eraser. Last time I got a tank I used vinegar and scotch brite but I was reading that...
  5. Izzy_guppy_303


    Hello it’s me again, my fish are now pooping pretty normal, however I did a cleaning of the tank I think I did too much of a water change and gravel clean. I added dechlorinator though. However I think I overfed them. Now they r staying at the top all of the together. Maybe they r in shock. They...
  6. Aspen35

    Snail Substrate

    Do Mystery and Ramshorn Snails do well with sand as a substrate? Also, what is the best way to wash sand so that it doesn’t cloud the tank?
  7. T

    No Filter, No Cycle?

    Hi, I am an eager future to be AXOLOTL owner. I have done some research about cycling, and I don't really want to buy the products. Do you have to cycle, if you clean the tank on a scheduled basis without a filter and if so, how long should the scheduled basis be? (eg. once a week or everyday?)...
  8. YamiHime

    Help! Sudden clamped fins!

    Hello! I got a new betta about 3 weeks ago. My tank is cycled an it is reading either 0- .25 ammomia and 0 Nitrites. It does have nitrates but I haven't checked the reading since I got him. I'm not sure what has happened. I got a new heater so the temp is always around 75-80F and I do 25%...
  9. cooledwhip

    How Can I Change My Water And Clean My Gravel?

    Hey all I have some questions about cleaning my tank. I have a heavily planted tank with some S repens and lots of other plants. I change my water and I just can't vacuum my substrate. (seachem flourite).   I can see all the specs of brown crap in there, and especially on the glass of the tank...
  10. T

    Questions About Clown Loaches

    I have a 55 gallon tank with guppies, blood eyed tetras, danios, 2 yo-yo loaches, a school of neons, and one red wag platy. I want to add one pleco and some ottos. The last addition I want to add is ether a clown loach, or some snails. I was wondering if I could add both so what type of snails...
  11. driger8642

    Help With My Fish Tank!

    Hi all, my name is Sammy, I'm from New York. This is my first post there so I really hope that I'm in the right place, if not can I request a moderator to move this thread to the right section? Thanks   Anyways, I just started my hobby of having fishes as pets. So before getting them I did a...
  12. Cameronb_01

    Filter System

    Hi Everyone, I have just set up the filter in my Rio Juwel 400 and after just 17 hours my filter pad looked like the one you see below. How often do I need to change my filter pads? Is that normal after just 17 hours? How dirty should it be before I change it? It is that colour before I have...
  13. GriffinC18

    Gravel Vacuum, Filter, And Heater

    Hey so I'm about to get a 55L (almost 15 gallon) stock tank for some fry.   I need to know what you guys suggest as far as supplies for the new stock tank. The supplies need to be a good price.   The gravel vacuum is for the stock tank, 10 gallon, 2.5 gallon, and 1 gallon.   The filter and...
  14. B

    Restarting After Camalanus Worms

    So I have posted the story before but just a little background.  I bought a new male guppy (who is struggling right now, probably die soon) and he brought worms into my tank.  I thought it was just poop and it was gone the next day (just hidden inside).  Anywho..... my whole tank has been...
  15. PrincessKiara

    How To Clean Ramshorn Snail And Elodea? Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sal

    Hello! I was poking around the 'Web and came up with a few solutions for disinfecting my tank, but since I really don't want to kill my guppy fry, I will try them all. Today I filled the tank with warm water and loads of table salt. Tomorrow, I'll drain and rinse it, then wipe it with vinegar...
  16. Deepatlantis

    Tank Cleaning Question From A Newbie

    Hi, I've had my tank for about six weeks and during cycling I got an algae bloom but I added some amano shrimp and snails and they've cleaned the place up nicely and I don't see any algae. I have been doing water changes and siphoning in the gravel. I'm just wondering if this is enough? I know...
  17. A

    How To Clean A Filter

    So I have a 2nd hand filter, it has greyish white stuff gunked to it. We want to give it a good clean before using it and rid all the spots. Any suggestions? TIA
  18. J

    What Is This Rock And Is It Safe For My Tank?

    i found alot of this rock in my garden which im guessing is slate but not sure and it had patches of black stuff on it which i think is tar i have sterilised the rock/slate and scraped as much of the black stuff of as possible i have put it in my tank but i have no fish in the tank yet and am...
  19. Nordk

    Lost A Fish, Restarting Tank

    This morning I discovered my DG had died after about a week of treatment for parasites.    I've decided to take this as an opportunity to start a tank of right (he was the only occupant), though I have 2 questions on how to move on. Number 1, how to clean the tank out. I don't know exactly...
  20. Sickbound

    What Is The Best Way To Keep A Sand Substrate Clean?

    I'm getting a 30 gallon aquarium for my corydoras and I'd like to make the entire substrate sand instead of just a portion of the tank (like my 15 gallon).  I wanted to know what the best way to keep the substrate clean is. I have a gravel vacuum but I don't think that it would work so well with...