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  1. R

    Cheap Alternatives for Water Testing

    Hello,I was wondering if there are cheaper alternatives to water test kits,as i don't have that much money,like some homemade test kit or something.
  2. MagicGirl33

    My Current Tank Setup (anyone know about a good substrate?)

    Currently, I have a red sea 240 gallon fish tank complete with 4 reefLED 90 lights with mounting arms, a reefer skimmer 600, and 2 units of reefwave 45. I have a heater on the way along with a circular air stone. I also have all the water tests ready along with all the proper nutrients and...
  3. Tyler_Fishman

    Ignorance is Bliss.. well sort of

    Today at the pet store I went to buy an Amano shrimp, expecting a hefty price I brought a good amount of cash. My other store sells Amano shrimp for 3.99$ with tax its about 4.30$ for one shrimp. Its expensive but they are essential members to any freshwater clean up crew. They were selling...
  4. monahan95

    Cheap Aquarium

    Anyone know any good websites or stores where i could find a reasonably priced fish tank? I'm only looking for something around 50-80lt. My budget is only around £130, ideally even a little lower than that as i will still need to buy gravel and plants etc. If anyone could link me to a few or...
  5. mrstwalker

    Cheap New/used Tank - Help!

    Aside from craigslist, what is a good website to purchase either new or used fish tanks and stands?    We are looking for a 20 gallon - 55 gallon tank, and have searched through craigslist relentlessly for the best offer. Does anyone know of another good site to purchase from? thanks! 
  6. RossC

    Bogwood And Redmoor For Sale - West Midlands

    Equipment make/model/size: Bogwood and Redmoor Wood, sizes shown in images  Quantity for sale: 4 pieces Reason for Sale: No longer used Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: £10 per piece of wood Postage & Packaging: Collection only Location: WS8, West Midlands Photographs: Please...
  7. K

    Comprehensive Low Cost Led Ideas- Need Opinions! :)

    Hello everyone!   I'm on a tight budget but it really matters that my plants are healthy and pearling so I'm trying to get blue light and below are the low cost alternatives :)  Note before reading:This gets a bit lengthy and as I mention later, I understand that my communication skills are a...
  8. rpgmomma8404

    Diy Sponge Filter Question?

    I'm thinking about making one for both my 10 and 15 gallon tanks to give them the extra filtration. I want to go as cheap as I possibly can with this. I noticed that the biggest things that would cost the most would be the filter sponge if I bought it from the pet store (I haven't found anything...
  9. ChaseO

    Filter For 20G Reef Tank

    New to saltwater aquariums, I have had a freshwater aquarium before but want to get started with salt water aquarium. I have a 20 gallon long aquarium. I want to get a filter for it, that will be suitable for corals in the future anemones, and fish. I don't want to spend over hundred and $120...
  10. RossC

    Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Subscription £40 Inc P+P 12 Months

    Title: Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Subscription for a Year Quantity for sale: 12 Months, 1 copy per month Delivery or Collection: Delivery Sales price: £40 for whole year including P+P Postage & Packaging: Free Location: Walsall, UK / Post to anywhere in UK Photograph: (this is the cover of...
  11. RossC

    2Ft Tank, Full Setup Available, West Midlands

    Clearseal 2ft Aquarium, Stand and Equipment Also Available Age and condition: Less that a year Quantity for sale: Tank, Stand, Filter, Heater Reason for Sale: Need money and space Delivery or Collection: Collection only please Sales price: £30 for tank, £25 for stand, £10 each for filter and...
  12. Verminator89

    Port Acara For Sale

    Livestock: Port Acara Age and condition: Age Unknown but happy and healthy Quantity for sale: 2 (1 male 1 female) Reason for Sale: Going back to Geo's Delivery or Collection: Collection only, although will deliver for cost of fuel within reasonable distance. Sales price: £20 for the pair...