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  1. S

    Bristlenose Plecos

    Hi all, Hopefully an easy one.... I have 2 female Bristlenose plecs in my 4ft tank and was wondering if it would be OK to introduce a male? Kind regards, Mark.
  2. I

    Elephantnose with black shark

    Hi, I've had fish for years now but new to TFF I've got a elephantnose, pentadon butterfly fish, spiny eel and a few bristlenose I was just wondering if I could add my black shark once I upgrade the tank as will be going either my 5ft tank or my 8ft tank depending if I can find/make a pond big...
  3. C

    My Bristlenose looks really sick?

    Hi, I’m really hoping someone can help please. I’ve had this bristlenose for just over a month. I previously posted to find out it’s gender but was told it in unhealthily skinny. After this I bought some bog wood for it, fed it pellets every 2 days and gave it a fresh piece of cucumber every...
  4. E

    Missing plec

    Morning, bit of a weird one but our bristlenose plec has gone missing! We’ve searched high and low, done a water change to see if he was under the ornaments and nothing. He was there yesterday morning and now he’s gone we are stumped! has anyone had this before? Even if the other fish have...
  5. C

    Bristlenose female or male?

    Hi, I did post about this bristlenose a couple of weeks ago. I had a hunch it was male when bought as female. Since a couple of weeks ago, his/her bristles have grown even more. And grown on his/her head - which by my understanding would mean it was male but I’m no expert so wanted to check to...
  6. JamieTYV

    What is this on my BN Pleco?

    Hi, So I recently noticed some white cotton-ish growth on my male BN, around his gills - started on only one side and then quickly became evident on the other side too. I immediately took some photos and went to my LFS who suggested its probably a fungus (i suspected this!). I purchased some...
  7. JamieTYV


    Hello! Fingers crossed someone can help... I have a large, established tank with a variety of fish, my parameters have been good and stable for a long time... 6 x peppered corys 1 x Male Betta 6 x Female Bettas 6 x Glass Catfish 1 x Female BN Pleco Recently I introduced a Male BN Pleco in the...
  8. C

    Bristlenose female or male?

    Hi, Please could I have some help sexing my bristlenose? He/She is around 8cm. It was bought as a female blue eyed bristlenose but with the bristles I’m a bit concerned that she is a he. Sorry for the terrible photos. If you need more in different angles please just let me know. Thanks in...
  9. C

    Is my Bristlenose a male or female?

    Hi, I was just wondering whether my pleco is a male or female please? I always believed him to be a male but it never really mattered as I only had him but now I’m considering getting him/her a friend. Thanks
  10. 3

    Fungus issue?

    When I turned my tank lights on this morning I realised this fish had white markings on it. I am currently getting rid of an ammonia spike. Think it was caused by the bristlenose kicking all their eggs out then they started to fungus and I didn’t realise. Also when I feed them they kick their...
  11. 3

    Pleco kicking out eggs

    Just came home and found eggs but saw them across the tank floor. It is my first time breeding bristlenose I only moved the male in yesterday. Should I do anything? There is two female and a male.
  12. kbowns

    Raphael catfish

    Hi ,new to posting but I've been keeping fish for nearly 30 years but just want to know has anyone kept Raphael catfish with bristlenose plecs. I have 2 quite large Raphael catfish that really spend most of their time hiding away in their hiding holes, but I would like to add some bristlenose...
  13. C

    Bristlenose Pleco

    Hi there, Just got a bristlenose pleco about 4 days ago and noticed it growing (more?) bristles on one side of his face? Kindve white? Any ideas?? Healthy :)
  14. S

    Albino pleco babies

    Hay guys. So my boy has been tiresly looking after to what I think much be around 25 baby plecs. Argh, he’s been in the fry net and cave since 3 days ago, babies have been hatched a bit longer and are growing big and strong. Any idea when I should kick dad out? He’s in a net cage there is access...
  15. L

    Injury on Bristlenose Pleco

    Hello everyone! I’ve recently noticed this injury/sore on my gold Bristlenose and I have no idea what it is.. I can’t find anything online that looks similar so I’m really worried. he’s super shy and I barely ever get to see his belly and certainly don’t usually get close enough to the tank to...
  16. 3

    Breeding Bristlenose

    I am wanting to breed some Bn. I already have a male who is ready to breed I think. I’ve got a 80l (20g) High and a 10 gallon (50l). Both tanks have already got fish and are matured and cycled. Do you think I could keep the parents in the 20 and let the fry grow out In the 10? I will need to ask...
  17. D

    Female Bristlenose Pleco (FL, USA)

    Livestock: Female bristlenose pleco Age and condition: approx. 1 year old, no record of any illness, approx. 1-2 inches in length Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: I was hoping she would be male when I got her about a year ago, but unfortunately she's a female. Delivery or Collection...
  18. grymeths

    Getting a new tank and need a second opinion

    Hello fellow fishkeepers! This is going to be a long post so please bear with me! I am new to fishkeeping - used to have them when i was younger but wasn't really paying attention, and was just reintroduced into this world again a few weeks ago! Unfortunately i currently only have a 5 gallon...
  19. N

    What to feed my Plecos who won't eat green things

    Hello all, I have one albino bristlenose pleco (4 in) and one (possibly) zebra pleco (3 in). 20-gallon tank. I didn't buy them so I'm not completely sure about the second one. They have grown quite a bit since I got them and their fins seem much healthier, but they are quite sluggish even though...
  20. I

    Goldfish and plec tank

    Hi there, basically I’ve got a tank that I’ve had set up a while and over time my fish have eventually passed on but i have still got left my full size bristlenose plec and I was wondering if I was to slowly reduce the temperature from about 25 to 23 degrees Celsius if I would be able to have...