1. F

    Betta Tank

    Hi there, I am looking to start up a beta fish tank and would love to do it right. I have just bought a 24 litre tank as my research says recommended is 22 litres, I would just like to know what other things you recommend, like what plants , whether live ones or plastic, if so which live ones...
  2. K

    ned advice!!

    need advice! hi everyone. im new here. my names kaylee but i was wondering if anyone could give some advice on what i should do? i recently just bought 3 betta from a girl on campus that was taking very poor care of them. right now i have to use the tank she had as a temporary until the new ones...
  3. B

    How much do YOU spend on a 10 gal betta tank?!

    Hi! I’m doing a contest for college and $1250 is on the line. I’m designing a beginner friendly and humane kit for bettas. So how much have you spent in the past on a 10 gallon betta tank? Including the tank itself, heater, filter, substrate, live plants, hides, lights, water change equipment...
  4. Fishguy13

    Post pictures of your bettas

    I thought it would be cool if everyone showed of their bettas, I like the different varieties and I am getting one pretty soon hopefully.
  5. fisharecool789

    am i stocking too heavy? and questions about bottom feeders for a 10 gallon????

    hey everyone! i’m really new to the fish hobby (got my tank on the 13th & cycled for 2 weeks before adding 4 guppy fries), i have a 10 gallon tank, i am planning on doing medium levels of planting (a few of the plants that look like grass and a bunch of bushels of guppy grass & maybe a few other...
  6. Moony42

    Are my bettas fine?

    Hello TFF I have many bettas in many tanks. As you all know I am big fan of bettas. However I am clueless when it comes to healthcare. can you guys do a quick health check? BETTA: ACE BETTA: WHITEFLOWER BETTA: CLUELESS THANKS FOR YOUR TIME TFF:thanks::thanks::thanks:
  7. casdeswinchester

    White stringy poop? Fish dying

    So yesterday some of my female bettas had been resting on the gravel and not moving or eating and fading color. Today my angel fish is also doing the same as well as breathing rapidly, my other angels and mollies are fine but are pooping long stringy white poop, this has been going on for about...
  8. N


    Oaky, so I have a community tank ,almost a 40gallon, (mostly small guppies) and I have a pair of Bettas( female and male). They used to be best buddies, he was non aggressive and he wouldn’t even approach her unless she was in his spot or something akin to that. Recently (a week and a couple of...
  9. F

    My Bettas Tail Won't Grow Back

    Hi, so I went out of town a couple months ago for a month or so and when I came back, my betta's tail was completely shredded. The top of his anal fin is ripped off and the bottom half is split down the middle and just all together Shredded. My first thought (after checking that it wasnt fin...
  10. V

    Bump on Betta???

    Hi, so I'm new to bettas/fish keeping in general but I have 3 bettas all in a 5.5 gallon and one of the tanks was a different 5.5 and came with a stronger filter suitable for 10G tanks but my fish doesn't like it so I ended up buying a 3G tank filter and he likes it much better. Just now I...
  11. Ash Paws

    Water changes

    Hi guys, I was wondering how many times a week I should do a water change for my betta, Pence. He is in a 5.5 gallon with a Topfin Silenstream Power Filter 10. I was thinking since his tank is pretty small probably twice weekly or once weekly? Please share your opinions Ash
  12. B


    Hi everyone i am new to the whole fish thing but i want to breed bettas, and tips or tricks message me anything is helpful!
  13. B

    Planted Freshwater Aquarium

    So I thought since ive been here for a bit (like a week 1/2 lol I don't even know) I thought I would make a journal about my tanks and how they are like they are! And ill tell the story as well of how they GOT to where they are...   So lets get started   About 1 year ago when I was 13 just...
  14. B

    Rare Bettas?

    So I recently did some Betta research and I noticed that on this article, it had another article attached to it leading to "Rare bettas" I read this and I saw this: "Rare bettas consist of (blah blah fast forward lol)" "Some rare bettas have Spots on them, which is very uncommon and can be...
  15. T

    Heating Betta Tanks

    I have recently been planning to try and breed some betta fish (Siamese fighting fish) and I need some small tanks/ nano cubes for the fry. As you probably know, bettas are tropical fish so they cannot survive in cold water but most heaters don't fit in small tanks. Does anyone know how to do...
  16. fishlover101

    Successfully Bred My Bettas.

    Well, its been about 10 failed attempts, at trying, losing females, fighting, torn fins, hard work. And finally, with some faith, and extra hard work, my bettas have spawned. I wasn't too sure as of yesterday, The male looked like he was putting eggs back into the nest as they fell out, and he...
  17. scrage


    Well... after my lil boy hannibal passed(still not sure how), there was a hole in my tank I had to fill. So I went and bought this lil guy. Everyone meet the most difficult fish in history to photograph, Haku. His belly is a little pudgy because he just ate, then he went and ate some of the...
  18. brittgs

    Are Bettas Picky Eaters?

    I have been feeding Javier Hikari Bio Gold Betta pellets since I got him 10 days ago.  He has been eating them just fine.  Reading through some old threads I saw that Omega One is a recommended  food so I picked up a very small container of their Betta pellets today.  I offered one to Javier...
  19. G

    Questions About Rosy Reds And Bettas

    Hi guys and girls. im just starting this topic on information on rosy reds and bettas. i recently gave my old 5 gallon tank to my 10 year old brother and he has a really cool red betta named Cosmo, and 3 rosy reds (2 white ones and 1 orange one), and we just wanted some advice on the two kinds...
  20. B

    Betta And Tetras Does It Work?

    I'm thinking about keeping a betta and tetra community tank. I was wondering what people who've had experience with this set up think. I've kept bettas and corydoras before and they got along but at feeding time the betta would eat all the corydora food and the corydoras would get almost none...