betta tank

  1. D

    Too many assassin snails

    Alright. My assassins bred like crazy even though I've been told they were slow breeders and it was unlikely to breed from just a random two since you can't Sex them. Where can I get rid of some?! I just moved the other adult into a different tank to stop the breeding.
  2. connorlindeman

    Ultimate set up for a betta

    I wanted to set up a smaller tank for a betta that I plan to get. What would be the best setup? (tank size, equipment etc. Should I get lots of plants or not too many?
  3. Tacocat

    5 gallon Fluval Spec V

    Hello there! This is going to be my journal for my 5 gallon that is currently undergoing a fish-in cycle. I will be updating this weekly or something, as I just want to update any changes and have people alert me if something is off. Current stats: 5 gallons No fertilizers Plants: Java moss, 3...
  4. carligraceee

    Plants for Kevin: Recs?

    Hey guys- I was wondering if anyone has any floating plant recommendations for Kevin, my Pink orchid betta? He deserves a little fortress and I think he needs something to jazz up his 6g tank. He has 5 little mushroom houses and a bridge on top of white rock substrate- he also has three VERY...
  5. ChrisK

    Hair Algae problem

    Hi, my live plants in my Betta tank are overrun with hair algae, I’ve tried lots of treatments and even bleach dipped. I’ve cut the lighting down to 6 hours an evening. They have grown so big so I really don’t want to get rid and start again. Any ideas? Also my Amazon swords roots are massive so...
  6. F

    Betta Tank

    Hi there, I am looking to start up a beta fish tank and would love to do it right. I have just bought a 24 litre tank as my research says recommended is 22 litres, I would just like to know what other things you recommend, like what plants , whether live ones or plastic, if so which live ones...
  7. Quin

    Betta tank ideas

    I just got done watching this video and it's definitely shown me which direction I need to take my tank in. I think it would be super cool to replace my colorful gravel with substrate like sand, neutral or maybe darker colored because the vid said that lighter colors promote algae growth. My...
  8. K

    How often to change water

    My daughter has a betta tank with 2 fish separated by a divider. It is a 5 gal with filter & heater. I have enclosed a picture of the tank. My question is how often should we change the water & how much water should be changed? Thanks
  9. S

    New Betta Aquarium

    Hi guys! My name is Ellie and I'm 19 years old. I have been out of the hobby for about 4 years, and now that I am in college I got a new friend for my dorm room. The tank is a 5.5 gallon, with a Top Fin filter (Used a water bottle to buffer the stream as my betta was having issues swimming in...
  10. Bettapuppy

    My tank has live plants in it now!

    I decided to add some live plants to my betta tank! I added the moss ball a few months ago and it's still healthy so I thought I might try my luck with a few others as well. I added a java fern and two anubias. I keep my LED light on for 10+ hours a day, is there anything else you guys recommend...
  11. Bettapuppy

    live plants in betta tank or no?

    Hi all. I have a 6.7 gallon tank with one betta in it and I was wondering if that would be too small for a live plant or two. I tried planting some of those betta bulbs and they they just molded.
  12. B

    I Need A Bigger Tank

    Hey everyone! You could say that I am new to the betta world. I got my first betta in January. She is a female crown tail betta. I have a serious problem though, she still lives in a cup. She is living in a tiny cup :no more than 8oz. She is literally soaked in her poop. I'll try and attach a...
  13. FurFinFeathers

    Best Water Conditioner?

    I was wondering which of these three (or any other you reccomend) is best for routine water changes, especially for bettas? I have API Stress coat, Topfin Betta Water Conditioner, and Tetra AquaSafe Plus. 
  14. Birdie90

    Worms In Tank?!?!

    I have a bottle filled with old tank water from my betta tank that I give once or tiwice a week to a couple of my plants. And I looked in th bottle today, it has worms in it, they're no thicker than a hair and are like an 1/8inch long. I've also noticed these weird things in my community tank...
  15. ReMz

    Meet Finley - Unexpected Marble

    Been a while since I have kept a betta. Figured it was time to have another happy guy   Started like this in the cup at the LFS.... he was pretty stunning, but less so than some of the other guys. So many imperfections, I just had to have him.     Immediately acclimated and was eating. annnnd...
  16. ReMz

    Old Member - Reintroduction

    Hey - have chatted with a few of you guys.   Old member from back in the day. Back on the forums and loving what this community has turned into. Definitely has grown, but the core of the forum is still the same.   My tanks have changed a bit over the years I have been off the forums.   When I...
  17. RCA

    Betta Tank Upgrade: Fluval Spec 19 Litre

    Hi all,sorry not been around as much lately but do look in now and again.  As promised to Shelster some time ago here are the images of the "NEW" tank, as in brand spanking new, not something I do that often!  Still if you cannot treat yourself on your birthday    Following the loss of Bob, I...
  18. pumpkinnose

    New Plants And New To Plants.

    I just went out and bought 1 small Amazon Sword plant which had 4 in it and an assorted Anubias (anubias sp.) for my betta's10 gallon.  I divided the Amazon Sword up which was pretty easy since it was already 4 separate plants in one container and placed 2 in his tank and then placed the other 2...