betta (male)

  1. C

    Seashells for Betta Aquarium

    I just got my first paradise betta and tank. I wanted to use shells from when my family visited Florida. My father claimed I could boil them for 6 minutes or more and then rise them well. Will this work? I want to make sure to keep my fish living and thriving as much as possible. Also any...
  2. A

    Scale loss on my betta? Pls help

    Hi all, My betta had this white patch on his head, it's not raised or 'fuzzy' as you can see in the pictures. I'm not even sure if it's something to worry about but another member told me it might be scale loss. What helps alleviate this?? And what do you make of these pictures. Thankyou for...
  3. A

    Please Help!!

    I'm afraid my fish, John Quincy Adams, is sick! He had a white spot on his fin when I first got him 9 months ago but it did not grow or change so I left it alone. I've begun to notice that his tail looks like it might be deteriorating and some of his dark blue color is lightening. He has...
  4. musicalbetta

    Help! Betta is inactive??

    I have a halfmoon twin tail betta fish and he's been very inactive lately, he's been hanging out at the bottom of the tank and doesn't really do anything. He still eats and moves around every few hours (or if i get him to). I also just started going back to school and haven't been seeing him...
  5. bytez

    HELP: what type of betta

    Hello! I just recently bought a betta but not sure what type or if its a good quality.. i love him already but i just want to know what type of betta he is.. his scales shine but not sure if he is a metallic c butterfly betta. hope you can identify his classification
  6. M

    Sick Betta - Help Required

    I rescued 2 male Betta 3 weeks ago that were in a small glass bowl and with a glass sheet seperating them & nothing else in there. I bought a duo 20lt tank with filter, heater. Boys settled and fine. I changed the water Sunday (with conditioner and temp to 26 degrees) and boys went back fine...
  7. M

    Sick Betta Fish - Help Required

    I rescued 2 male betta about 3 was ago having seen them in a tiny bowl with a glass separating them and nothing else in their. I have bought a duo 20l tank. The boys have done well and adjusted. I changed the water on Sunday, used conditioner and they were fine. Since Monday morning now one...
  8. S

    Can I turn my betta filter off at night?

    Hi, my question is exactly as stated above. I just got a betta fish a couple days ago, and the noise of the filter is driving me nuts. The first night it was actually just a very quiet hum which I didn't mind. But tonight it's suddenly much louder and keeping me awake. I have looked up threads...
  9. B

    New Betta Help!

    Hi guys, I ordered my new betta on Friday and he finally arrived today! What should have been exciting turned in to terror when I opened his box and saw that his bag had leaked and as such had very minimal oxygen/water remaining with no heat pack. I saw he was moving quite rapidly so started...
  10. JohnathanSt

    My Betta has gone mental!

    Hi All. Hopefully you can help me.I have a small fish tank homing my betta fish and some neon tetra. For over a month now they have all co existed and were best of friends. For some reason my Betta, over the last few days, has decided to go full on psycho. He wont stop chasing the tetra around...
  11. A

    Betta's fins shredding?

    I'm just wondering if anyone might know what's going on with my bettas fins, at the bottom they look like they are shredding. There is no discolouration where they are shredding, they've never looked like that before. I've had him for 7 months. Thanks
  12. B

    Tank setup

    Hello all, apologies if I posted in the wrong forum, new around these parts. I have a blue male Betta. Currently he is in a 3 gallon tank by himself, he's been there for roughly 6 months. Since he's an active fellow, I have recently begun to feel like he needs some more space. My plan was to...
  13. Crazy_fish_mom


    I'm new to the forum thing but I'm excited to share what I know. I currently have these fish and tanks: 10gallon Mr. Whiskers-Gourami Rebel-Betta Adam-Cory Catfish 6 ghost shrimp- unnamed 5 gallon Midnight-Betta Cory 1&2- Cory catfish 2.5 gallon Luka-Betta 2 gallon Phoenix- Betta...
  14. M

    Advice in moving betta to a 5G tank

    Hello all, I have had my male crowntail in a 1G filtered and heated Betta tank for the last 10 months. I have been using Topfin Betta water conditioner with him (Yes, I know prime is supposed to be better but this is what he came with), and giving him 90% water changes every 10 days. It sounds...
  15. C

    New betta

    Hello all I got my first betta yesterday! I've been successful with only goldfish in the past, and I wanted to try something new. A friend recommended a betta for their hardiness and beauty, so thats what I got! He is a male Crowntail. Right now he is living in a 5 gallon tank with one live...
  16. Waterfins

    I'm worried I did something wrong

    I just got my crowntail betta and placed him in his heated 2.5 gallon tank after acclimating him to the water. I set this aquarium up weeks before and tested the water, the PH was 7.0 and the temperature stays around 25 degrees Celsius. I also added some bacteria supplement. After a few days he...
  17. Ammolite

    Quickly advancing finrot, help!

    About 3 weeks ago i 'rescued' a betta from my local pet store, he was being sold as a half moon but clearly wasn't (He's actually a delta tail upon further research) He was significantly smaller then any betta i'd seen being sold at the store, so i suspected he was a juvenile. He was sitting at...
  18. ChristaMiller

    Hello & Thanks For Letting Me Join

    Good afternoon All,    I hope you are great!  I am excited to be here.  I have a male Betta named Maximillian that I simply adore!  He hasn't been feeling well lately and while trying to nurse him back to health realized that I was not as knowledge about Bettas.     I am joining the forum in...