betta (male)

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  1. V

    Shiny scales ir patches near the betta gills

    Hi guys, I have had my betta since 4 months and he was a very active guy until 3 days ago. Suddenly he felt so lethargic and is not moving from the bottom of tank. He is not at all active and I sense some breathing issues while being at the bottom. He has some shiny silver patches formed near...
  2. J

    Male Betta Fighter with Neon Blue Dwarf Gouramis?

    Hi all! So I have had my 80 Litre (roughly 17.5 Gallon) tank for a few weeks now and my first fish; 5 cardinal tetras (which I added after waiting 2 weeks), and 2 Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami (one male and one female, another 2 weeks after the tetras), as well as an Albino Bristlenose Pleco...
  3. julayjoel

    Betta Fish Breathing Heavily + Laying at the Bottom of Tank

    This will be quite long so I apologize. I bought a betta fish from Petco about a month ago. Unfortunately, my research on betta was limited to Petco’s website and my family’s advice, so he came home in a 1gal tank with no heater or filter. My family swore to me that this was acceptable, as we...
  4. bayaan.bawab

    I forgot my conditioner

    hi everyone, i’m fairly new to the fish hobby and today was the first time i did a 50% water change without any help from my fellow fish keepers. because the bucket was really heavy i decided to take two trips to the bathtub and back. however, i realize that because of this i only added...
  5. A

    Betta fish is not eating and being lethargic

    Hi everyone, My betta has been very lethargic over the past 2 weeks, usually staying in one corner of the tank and staying at the top. He will move his fins once a while to shift a bit but then go completely still and not respond to my voice. More recently, I have tried to feed him flake food...
  6. Reddd.head

    Planning on breeding this pair!

    Hey!I have a beloved purple elephant ear betta female, and a close friend of mine has what I believe to be a pretty half moon male betta that we’d like to breed and get offspring from, which we’d be keeping in our own collections! Take a look at this pair and let me know what you think! What...
  7. Q

    Help with treating my betta

    Okay so spoiler: this is gonna be a lengthy post. Because I want to give you a clear view of my daily/weekly life with these fishes. So I’m gonna state my main problem first – is my betta sick? I will get into what I think are the red flags in a bit. So I got my red half moon betta earlier this...
  8. C

    Male Betta

    Hi All, just purchased this male betta fish. Meant to be a half moon dumbo. Lovely color, never seen one like this before. since I purchased him this afternoon. I’ve taken him back to the tank and he just sits at the bottom. Not once in the 4/5 hours has it actually swam. I put some flake in...
  9. Flavs

    Advice on adding fish to tank

    Hello there! I would really love some advice from seasoned fish keepers! I currently have a 54L tank (60 x 30 x 30). I've currently got a gorgeous Betta, 6 Neon Tetras and 2 Cory Doras. I was wondering whether I could add a 2-3 extra neons to form more of a school and perhaps even another Cory...
  10. L

    Please help, my betta looks terrible!

    Hi all, and thanks in advance for reading! My betta fish has recently started looking real scruffy, and occasionally looks red in the fins and head. I've attached pictures of him about 2 months ago, and a picture of him today so you can see the difference. He's still happily eating and doesn't...
  11. C

    What's wrong with my Betta?

    Hi everyone! I really hope someone can help me. I am a beginner and set up my tank on Thursday. I conditioned the water and everything and then tested the water at my pet store on Saturday. They said everything looks good so I got my first fish. I got a black orchid Betta and 3 tetras. They...
  12. J

    Male Betta Not Making Bubble Nest - Breeding first time

    Hello, As of today i have given breeding my male and female betta fish. My female is in a tank with my male an she is inside a jar, at first she had the stripes that mean she is scared and now she has the breeding stripes. My water parameters are all ok, temperature is at the correct level and...
  13. K

    Does my betta have fin rot?

    Hello, I’m worried about my black mustard betta. I might be paranoid but I just want to make sure that’s he’s ok. I’ve noticed some of his scales are a little bruised up and on top of his eyes, there’s like a white clear dot. I got rid of the plastic plant that might have caused damaged. I’ve...
  14. G

    Another panicked noob!

    Hey guys, I'm entirely new to the world of fish and have had my Betta for 6 months now and have been learning as I have been going! He is showing generic signs of being ill clamped fins, lethargic and slight discoloration. This is coming off the back of him having swim bladder disease due to...
  15. C

    Very Sick Betta Fish

    or starters my name is Courtney and I'm new to this. I have a friend who's betta fish is sick with what we believe is columnaris. Here's a little about her tank: She's had it for about a year, it's a 5g tank with heater and filter. I know she does change the filter cartridge every month and she...
  16. E

    HELP! IYO Tank Mates Biting -or- Fin Rot??

    In your opinion am I dealing with the tank mates nipping his fins or with fin rot? Hes black so it's hard to tell. I've moved him to a tank with brand new water and no mates. I need to know if I should go to the store to get medication for him to try to help! Thanks for your input and insight!!
  17. P

    Betta Fin Rot and Nitrogen Cycle

    I'm having a lot of trouble and have not been able to get the answers I need. I've had my betta for a month now and have been trying to cycle the tank, but no luck. He is in a 5.5 gallon tank. He had fin rot which I had seemed to get under control and he even had new growth on his fins, but...
  18. C

    Strange growth/scales/discoloration on male Betta

    Hello all, Some background first. 60L fish tank 1 male Betta 8 glass blood fin Tetra (I wanted to get 6 not to over stock but the pet store put 8 in the bag by mistake) 3 Otto's 1 red cherry shrimp Live plants, sand and bogwood Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10/20 ppm pH 7.4 Over a week...
  19. A


    EMERGENCY!!!!: I purchased a betta 4-5 days ago and he was put in a heated and filtered 2.5 gallon tank. I noticed he had fin rot shortly after purchasing him but he was eating just fine. This morning I woke up to him with white fuzz covering him (I’m guessing fungi) and most of the color gone...
  20. K

    New Beta Owner

    Hello! I need tips and recommendation and how to destress my beta. Last week I bought a male black mustard beta (Goldie) from the local PetSmart. I’ve talked to the fish department worker about proper ways to take of Goldie. He was able to give me some information but I knew I needed to do more...