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  1. Space Ninja

    My Beta

    This is Lil Cupid. He was a Valentine’s Day gift from my boys. He is the most social Beta I’ve had. From the size of his bubble nests, he seems to be extremely happy and thriving. He will come out of his tiki hut when I come around to say hi. I just adore him.
  2. J

    First 10Gal tank and had a couple fish die after only 2 days. Help!

    Hello, My roommate and me are new to all this. My roommate had got a male beta about 7 months ago and set up a 2 Gal tank for it. The ammonia spiked in that set up and ended up killing the beta. We then went and got a 10Gal tank. We let the tank cycle for a bit and after testing the water and...
  3. A

    Betta lost tail

    Came home from work today and my Beta grim had completely shredded his tail with pieces falling off. He's in a 20l (SORRY I MENT 20 GALLON) with 3 kuhli and a baby bristle nosed pleco. There's nothing sharp and as of 2 days ago the tank perametres are perfect. (No ammonia or nitrite a bit of...
  4. ember04

    Wild Betta for my tank

    Hi all I’ve got a 7.5 gallon 26 litre tank. It is run on a modified canister filter with a baffle for low flow. The tank is black water and is heavily planted. As far as stocking after keep domesticated Betta for a while the wild Betta species are really interesting to me. I also want to keep a...
  5. biofish

    Does my beta have popeye?

    Hello! I’m pretty sure she just scratched her eye on one of the decorations in the tank but I just wanna make sure. It’s her right eye. her tummy is bloated but I’m pretty sure that’s because on of my female guppies that she shares the tank with had babies and my beta had a hay day eating them...
  6. A


    Hey everyone, I have had my beta Neptune for about 6 months now. He is in a 2.5 gallon tank with a small filter, water heater, and a couple sprouted pothos cuttings. The temp is consistently around 80 degrees. I change the water 50% twice a week and clean the tank every 2-3 weeks. I test the...
  7. M

    New Beta isn’t eating, and hanging around the top constantly

    I just recently got a new black orchid betta. He’s rather small, and my third one. I’m very aware of how their personalities differ, and how each one is unique. I am still learning as I go, but I’ve got a good handle on a lot of things. However, he isn’t really eating. I shrugged it off as the...
  8. N

    High Ammonia levels

    Update 12/14: second water change completed today of about 60-70% of water. Total Ammonia - 0.5ppm, NH3 - 0.1ppm, NO2 - .25ppm, NO3 - 5ppm, and pH 7.6. I have a 20gal freshwater tank and no matter what I do I cannot get my ammonia levels down. I’ve had the aquarium for 6 months and I’m pretty...
  9. M

    My Beta Is Not Acting How He Used To!

    Hello, I've had my beta for 8 months now and every time I came over to the guy he would flare and get excited about everything....I let my neighbors take care of him because I was on vacation for 3 days...I come back to get my beta and hes not flaring anymore....   Also: I got a pet turtle on...
  10. cooledwhip

    Female Betta Tank?

    Hey everyone. A few years ago I was really into bettas and had 2 really nice bettas I ordered on aquabid. They were really pretty and not the petsmart muts. (no offense ;)   Anyway, they died off a little while ago and for about a couple months I never had fish. I recently got back into it, I...
  11. U

    Beta Splenden Mystery (Fin Rot Or ?)

    After much confusion over several attempts to introduce my female beta, Petunia, into larger quarters than her usual home (.5gal tank on my desk) I have finally come to a forum to BEG. And I mean it, BEG for any answers. Petunia is a female splenden. A beautiful fish. A happy, healthy...
  12. T

    Bacterial Disease In Tank?

    Hi,   I am hoping I may be able to get some help.   I have had a problem in my tank for a while seems to never go away. I have had fish deaths and currently have 4 tetras and male Beta that seem to be having some trouble (the beta seemed to have fin rot when I got him - I didn't...
  13. B

    Ecology Project

    Hey, this is my first post so I am not sure how everything runs.   In my biology class we were given the assignment to basically make a self sustaining ecosystem in a sealed of container. It is a nightmare. In order to keep everything running we obviously need plants to convert co2 to oxygen. To...
  14. K

    New To Aquariums Bought A 3 Gallon Tank

    Hi Tropical fish forums, I am new to the aquarium world and was looking for some advice to get started. I have owned a couple of Beta fish before always in a vase like bowl with a peace lilly ontop. I have bought a 3 gallon aquarium (which I know is small) and I wanted some advice on how to...