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  1. Aquamaniac

    Forest River - My 240 Litres Tank New Low-Tech Journal

    Hello Here  I am again with a new journal. This tank is not yet working. I have already set up the hardscape and substrate and I am moving to the plants in the next few days. But I decided to make a journal about the development of it since planning stage. Since my return to fishkeeping and...
  2. sputnick

    A Few Angelfish Related Questions

    OK so i have finally decided to switch my 45 US GAL african american cichlid tank to a community tank! My plan was to have a pair of angels, which brings up my first question.   How would i pair angelfish off? I have never done it before so some tips or input would be great.   Also Is there a...
  3. JellOh

    Stocking For A 60 Gallon

    I'm just wonder if this could work or not. - 60 gallon with a heater, filter and the whole shabang - 2 small(2") angelfish of undetermined sex - 1 small (2") clown pleco - 1 small (1.5") albino bristlenose pleco - 5/10+ *female* betta The things I'm worried about is (A) if the angelfish will...
  4. J

    Are Discus Really As Difficult As Everyone Says?

      I've always LOVED discus and wanted to keep them but I always tell myself "mehh I'ma needa buy a RO filter (the water hardness in my area is 300ppm)" and "i'm'a have to do daily water changes" and all that. but then i just talked to my friend (who lives in my area) who has been maintaining a...
  5. 3

    Shipping A Angelfish Pair?

    Ok, I don't know if I can put this here but if I can't just delete it. How do you ship a angelfish pair? In one bag? In two bags? I just can't figure this one out. Help?
  6. Y

    Angelfish & Dwarf Cichlids ?

    Ive got a Juwel Rio 180 with current stock of: 6 Angelfish (2 Gold Marble, 2 Koi Blue Flash, 1 Albino Scribble, 1 Platinum Silver) 4 Gouramis (2 Pearl, 2 Opaline) 2 Paradise fish 1 Clown Loach   I was wondering if I could get some dwarf Cichlids to go in the tank ?! If so, what ones could I get...
  7. K

    50 Gallon Stocking

    A friend of mine has recently gotten a 50 gallon bow front tank for her classroom. This is what we were hoping for: 2 Dwarf Gourami 1 Honey Dwarf Gourami 1 Blue or Gold Gourami 2 Angelfish 6 Cory cats 1 Pleco Is that too many large fish? If so, what would be good stocking options as far as...
  8. C

    Stocking Angelfish

    I am going to start a new 30 gallon tall fresh water mostly planted tank. I'm planning on fishless cycling once i get my soil and plants in. My stocking ideas are 2 Angelfish, 4 Black Neon Tetra, 5 Cherry Barbs, and 3 Dwarf Sucker fish. I chose those tetras because they are bigger than the...
  9. phungi11

    My First Set-up

    Decided it was time to get my first aquarium started, hence the low-light planted set-up. I've been lurking the forum for months now and decided I would finally post up since I'm about fully stocked now. I picked up this 29g used on CL with some tacky ornaments, cheap Aqueon filter, Aqueon hood...