30 gallon

  1. J

    Stocking 30 gallon

    Hey all, I currently have a 20g tank with some corys and neon tetras and just bought a 30 gallon for $10 on Craigslist (how could I not lol). Have some Cory eggs and planning to put the babies in the 30 when they are big enough, looking to turn it into a peaceful community tank (or something...
  2. K

    30-40 gallons fish tank

    I’m wanting to purchase a new 30-40 gallon tank, preferably longer rather than tall. What’s the best brand of tanks or the best 30-40 gallon that you have or have seen?? Help
  3. L

    5 Clown Loaches in a 30 gallon?

    Hey I’m starting a 30 gal community tank and would love to center it around clown loaches. I do plan on eventually getting a bigger tank as they grow, but only have the 30 gallon at the moment.
  4. N

    How many fish can my tank hold?

    Hi, this is our first experience being fish owners. We have cycled our 29 gallon tank, and our water was double checked at the pet store. We came home with 6 platies. We’d like to get some Cory Cats and either guppies or neon tetras. Do we have room for 2 more species of fish? If so, how...
  5. P

    Potential Tank

    Currently in my tank right now i have 7-9 platy (some of them are fry so im not sure) and am wanting to add new fish sometime next week. I want to add 1 angelfish(if they can be alone), 2 dwarf gouramis, and potentially 1 albino cory cat (if they can be alone). Would this group of fish live...
  6. A

    30 Gallon, Mixed Wrong Fish

    I know now to read about things myself before heading to purchase fish. My daughter and I relied on information from a Petsmart employee to recommend fish to add to our group of 2 cory catfish and 1 dwarf gourami (powder blue). They were calm and happy.    Now, our 30 gallon tank is home to 2...
  7. AnthonyMarchese

    Is My Tank Still Cycling Or Is There Something Wrong?

    Ok so I set my tank up a little less than a month ago and it is supposed to be a turtle tank. I had the tank running for about two weeks and a week with live plants.than i put the fish in and had them in for a few days before i put the turtle in. After that they hid in the corner by the filter...
  8. 1

    30 Gallon Start-Up Questions

    Hi,   I've been keeping tropical fish for about a year. The last 6 months I've had a 10 gallon. I have moved and am upgrading to a 30 gallon. I bought a used-piece-together kit from a local-ish guy. I want to plant it. When placing the tank and stand against the wall, I realized that there is no...
  9. corydoratheexplorer

    30 Gallon Stocking Question

    I have a new 30 gallon tank. I plan on planting it, and will probably add some driftwood as a centerpiece. The substrate will be black sand. The finer is an Aqueon whisper or something like that and is rated for 250 GPH. I've only had ten gallon tanks before, so i was wondering if my stocking...