15 gallon

  1. Week 8

    Week 8

    12 Silvertip Tetra added to my aquarium on Friday last week. At first they were all silver with yellow and black tail fins and a couple were orange and black. Today they have more colour and I can definitely tell the males and females apart. All getting along swimmingly 🤗
  2. Circus

    I think I have a problem...

    The problem of constantly upgrading my tanks! I was just surfing Facebook and came across a 35 column hex...and put in a bid, which was accepted. So in a couple of hours, I will be picking it up. I will be putting all of the fish from my 15 column in there (ember tetra, pygmy cories, crowntail...
  3. Circus

    Pygmy Corydoras with Assassin Snails?

    Will assassin snails go after pygmy cories? I pick up a couple the other day and they are slowly working on my 20 high tank. The Malaysian Trumpet Snails escaped the breeding tank and have infested two others, one of which is my 15 gallon with pygmy cories and shrimp. I have moved the shrimp...
  4. Circus

    Ammonia Spike/Cycle Crash

    I woke up today to the filter on my 15 gallon shrimp and otocinclus tank not working, and about 20 of my red cherry shrimp dead or dying. I immediately removed all of the dead shrimp I could find and did two 80% water changes (dosing with prime) and added media from another filter to this one. I...
  5. Circus

    Little Worms?

    Can you guys give me some advice on what these little worm things are? These pics are from my 15 column with cherry shrimp and oto catfish, I had guppy fish in there but moved the last one out about 10 days ago. I noticed these little worms in the substrate and on the almond leaves I have in the...
  6. SRbettas

    Stocking and tankmates for betta

    Hi, Ive recently moved my sorority of three and my trio of kuhli loaches to a 15 gallon tank (57 litres). I was wondering what other fish i could have in the tank preferably something not red or white as tyat is thd colour of my bettas and i want all my fish to stand out. Would Endlers...
  7. M

    15 Gallon Suggestions

    I was initially going to purchase another 10G but found a 15G that was somehow smaller than my bedside table... Anyway I've mostly been mentioned bettas which I already have five of so I'm a bit iffy with giving a 15G to another betta unless I simply fall in love with one before I can get it...
  8. A

    Silver tip tetra being very aggresive

    I just bought 12 silver tip tetras and all they do is chase each other.They are the only fish in the aquarium.They are in a 15 gallon planted aquarium.Is there any way I could solve this problem or will they always be like this? I saw them on youtube and they said they were really peaceful.I...
  9. Jagster

    Newly set up 15 gallon freshwater tank

    Hey guys I am new to the hobby and bought a tank after months of research. My newly set up 15 gallon freshwater planted overhead filter tank has been cycling for 3 weeks now. I have made a list of the fish would like to keep and need your opinion on it. 6× zebra danio 6× neon tetra 2× oto 1×...
  10. noobgamers

    What Non Corydoras Catfish Are Suitable For A 15 Gallon

    hey guys doing a 15 gallon oddballa s stated before and im looking for some bottom feeders that arent corydoras as it is a oddballs tank what would you guys recomend ty for any advice it is going to be a dwarf puffer tank with 1 male and 3 females thpught maybe 6 dwarf anchor catfish and some...
  11. rpgmomma8404

    Diy Sponge Filter Question?

    I'm thinking about making one for both my 10 and 15 gallon tanks to give them the extra filtration. I want to go as cheap as I possibly can with this. I noticed that the biggest things that would cost the most would be the filter sponge if I bought it from the pet store (I haven't found anything...
  12. rpgmomma8404

    Had To Switch Out Filters, Will This Hurt The Cycling?

    I put two ten gallon filters on my 15 gallon tank. Then bought a new filter for my 10 gallon tank. All went well until the cloudiness wasn't clearing on the 10 gallon (been like this for almost a week now). So, I went and took one of the 10 gallon filters I had on the 15 gallon (which was on the...
  13. rpgmomma8404

    Temperature/heater Question?

    My 15 gallon seems to be hold up at 80 degrees. I don't know what brand the heater is but it is a submersible. Seems to work great but I wonder if 80 is too much for a tropical tank?   Then my 10 gallon has a tetra whisper heater 5-15. The tank has been sticking around 77.9 - 78. Would that be...
  14. rpgmomma8404

    15 Gallon Stocking Question?

    Would a 15 gallon be too small for sword tails and platies? It will have two ten gallon filters on it and hopefully planted. Not sure what I am going to use as a clean up crew. 
  15. rpgmomma8404

    Filter Question?

    I bought a 15 gallon tank with a bunch of supplies that came with it from someone. The thing is these people knew less then I did about fish keeping and were using a 10 gallon filter for a 15 gallon tank. I'm sure it could work if you don't over stock the tank or have messy fish but I'm just...