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  1. S

    Platy Hiding

    A while back I was gone for 2 weeks on vacation. My 10gal tank had 2 male platies and 4 golden tetras. We came back, and one platy was completely missing, so we assumed it either died and was eaten somehow, or a cat got to it. Now though, the remaining platy hides constantly and only comes out...
  2. Demeter32

    Try for the "blackwater" look

    I very recently learned about black water aquariums and am trying to figure things out with a 10 gallon before possibly doing a 20 gallon. I decided not to mess with changing the pH but if it does change after adding leaves and driftwood, then that's okay. So far, I've added a bunch of oak...
  3. Demeter32

    Planted Betta Sorority (Pic Heavy)

    JUST SO YOU KNOW, this is going to be really long.    I've been wanting to get me a nice planted tank going for my single royal blue female betta. After doing a bit of research I decided to make a planted sorority tank and get a more females. After talking to a friend who lives on the other side...
  4. simonero

    Guppy Fry Tank: Tank Size, Maturation, And Other Questions

    I keep feeder guppies in one of my tanks, which has worked out wonderfully.  I decided it would be fun to do a little genetics experiment and mix my feeder guppies with inexpensive but fancier guppies in my 10gallon snail tank.  So, I moved over a few females and gave them 3 colorful males to...
  5. tmoney7

    Swimming Snails?!

    I looked in my 10gal today and saw that there were snails moving along the top of the water upside down. At first i thought my eyes were playing a trick on me but i looked closer and there was another one in the middle of the tank just swimming around.  What kind of snails are these?
  6. tmoney7

    Betta With Pygmy Corys?

    So i have a 10 gal tank with 6 pygmy corys and 3 olive nerite snails and i was just wondering if adding a betta would be overloading the tank.  The tank is planted (i wouldn't say heavily because my corkscrew vallis is still making up its mind on whether or not to grow).  The one thing i hate...
  7. tmoney7

    Plant Ideas

    Alright so i have had my pygmy corys in my 10 gal for about 2 days now and i only have 2 plants, my anubias nana which has black brush algae on it so kinda disappointing and my java moss which is tied to my Malaysian driftwood.  I would eventually like to spread my java moss out so that it grows...
  8. tmoney7

    Setting Up A 10Gal

    So now that i found my old 10 gal and my brothers 17.5 gal tanks i have started to fix them back up.  My first one that i am starting on because i think that it will be the easiest one to start with is the 10 gal.  Its the one that is in the best shape.  So i cleaned it up and i just need to...
  9. tmoney7

    Found Two Tanks In My Barn!

    Hey so i went through my barn because i remembered that i had a 10gal tank from about 6 years ago and also that my brother had a tank from his teenage years.  Guess what i was right!  i found what i know is a ten gallon and also my brothers old one which i think is a 20galk (its measurements are...
  10. tmoney7

    Stocking For 10Gal?

    Alright so I have a 10gal tank already cycled and I previously had Red Cherry Shrimp in it.  I plan on getting some more now that I have resituated things and have changed my set up a little but I was wondering if i would be able to have other choices for stocking.  Perhaps some dwarf corys or...
  11. simonero

    Alright.. What Else Can I Put In This Tank? F8 + Bumblebee Goby

    My flounder has been missing for a very long time and I have a very strong feeling he was slowly poisoned by nitrite during cycling.  =(  If possible, I'd like to put something else in my tank to "replace" him.   I currently have a 10gal in the very early stages of brackish transition.  It's...
  12. tmoney7

    Cherry Shrimp Breeding

    So i have some cherry shrimp and i can see a saddle on one of them very easily so i'm guessing it wont be to long before she has her eggs.  I was just wondering how long they usually stay buried when laying their eggs
  13. simonero

    Partial Water Change Question

    I need to do partial water changes in my 10gal tank to cycle it with my fish.   The dechlorinator I have does not have explicit instructions, because I got it from a friend who works with it in bulk and in painfully non-descript.  It's just a container of dechlorinator + what sounds like what...