1. PygmyMitch

    Planted 10g Tank

    I thought it was time to make a journal for my 10g tank. I’m planning on changing the look of the tank slightly, as I think it’s currently looking a bit too basic and simple. My plan is to reposition the existing plants, add more plants and add some driftwood. I have 4 pygmy corys, which I will...
  2. Hmarie37

    10 Gallon tank suggestions

    Hey all! I will be setting up my second official aquarium here soon to go ahead and begin the cycling process. I believe I want a Betta in this tank, as well as providing some tank mates for ‘em. I’d love to hear suggestions on tank mates for a betta, acceptable in a 10 gallon tank. I plan on...
  3. How many guppies can I keep in a 10 gallon?

    How many guppies can I keep in a 10 gallon? No other fish, just guppies(All males or all females so they don't breed), as well as a couple snails. I don't want to do water changes more than weekly since I usually just do tank maintenance over the weekend.
  4. ElissaBee

    First post and my tank

    Here is my 10g hi tech planted tank with CO2 injection. Plants are hydrocotye verticillata, ludwigia repens, bacopa caroliniana, cryptocoryne undulata, lobelia cardinalis, dwarf nymphaea and java moss. Inhabitants are 3 adult female guppies, a pair of juvie/adult guppies, and 6 fry, all of whom...
  5. D

    Tank Not Level?

    Hi guys! I'm not quite sure what's going on, but I believe my tank isn't level. It's sitting on a floating desk that I've been informed should support well over the weight a 10 gallon would reach. I've sat on it myself and didn't hear or feel any sort of creaking, popping, groaning, or...
  6. D

    Starter Tank Kit: 10 Gallon Recommendations

    Hi, everyone! I'm relatively new to the fish community. After a fairly sad experience, due to inexperience and overstocking (and unexpected breeding, which led to further overstocking), I've decided that if I really would like to have fish in my life, I need to make sure they're being cared for...
  7. ReMz

    Meet Finley - Unexpected Marble

    Been a while since I have kept a betta. Figured it was time to have another happy guy   Started like this in the cup at the LFS.... he was pretty stunning, but less so than some of the other guys. So many imperfections, I just had to have him.     Immediately acclimated and was eating. annnnd...
  8. F

    Over Filtration Is It Possible Or Is More Always Better?

    I have a 2 10gallon tanks each have 3 filters on them a aquaclear20 a whisper10 and a sponge filter for up to 25g. My question is are all my filters actually helping my tank adequately or is it just overkill and 3 would be as good as just one sponge filter? My tanks are all well planted as well...
  9. S

    Fish Ideas

    Up at college I only have time to maintain my 10 gallon tank.    I'm interested on ideas you have.   I want to do a black theme (black gravel, black fish) and than have a school of neons, I thought that might be an interesting idea.    Ideas for fish or anything would be great.    thanks.  ...
  10. F

    Nerite, Mts, And Assassin Snail Questions

    So I'm renovating my 10G tank because I want to put sand in it and also want/have plants in it so I also want the sand to be airated and "fluffy" for them. So my questions are as follows: 1. I want to introduce MTS into my sand to keep the sand turned over and promote good root growth. I hear...
  11. Brahmza

    Suggestions For Stocking A 10G?

    Hey everyone! Just looking to see peoples opinions on stocking a 10g tank. Was given one today and a 30g is the smallest tank I've owned. Curious what kinds of setups do well, and if there are any kinds of fish that could be bred. I'm using my 30-long for fry. (Rams and baby snails currently)...
  12. Brahmza

    New 10G! Stocking?

    Hey everyone! Recently got a new 10g tank, and the smallest tank I've had is a 30g. Curious on what kind of stocking setups I could do? Any fish I could breed? What type of bottom feeders? Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I plan on using white sand as a substrate. A few...
  13. M

    Tank Transfer From 10g To 55g

    I am fairly new to the the hobby and completely new to the forum. i will be getting a new tank due to the $1 gallon sale at the local petco which will either be a 40g breeder or 55 g tank really cant decide. My current tank that i will be transferring from my current tank. A Half Moon/Circle 10g...