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  • hi - - in my signature it is my hand holding my new Piebald African Clawed Frog. Very much alive lol. You can not take them out of the water for any extended amount of time, but when ever I get a new frog or want to take pictures of their growth, I lift them about an inch or so out of the water so I can take a decent picture with out the water causing a reflection from the flash.
    well, to make matters much worse, Vanquish killed the real bn. but maybe one day... anyway, i will still keep charlotte for a little while. nice to see you back!
    all i managed to get was something similar to a bristlenose. they grow the same size. the names started with a and reminded my kinda of a angelicus, but i know it wasnt a bn. i hope charlottes ok w/ that!
    i managed to rid my tank of 3 mollies and put them in my 7g. i figure with the room i just made i could get a baby angelfish or a baby bristlenose. this is a hard decision! i think ill get a bristlenose, because charlotte wants a friend. she is very energetic and eager.
    according to some site my tank is 200% overstocked and its not. i have a plec, a cory, 2 angels, 2 panda barbs, 1 green tiger barb, 3 giant danios, 2 glass cats and thats it. i used to have mollies but theyre going into my 7g. my current tank is 30g
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