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  • Aw, some nice little girls. Well, I wish you luck with your babies! I am so sorry to hear about Franklin! R.I.P.
    Aw, that's so great! They sound like really lovely girls. If you have any pics, please send them ;p
    Aw, that's great! The BN are doing fine, two of my BN just spawned so I have my hands full with fishy little babys :)
    Well, maybe a baby one. Baby BN's are really small and cute, and you can fit them in anywhere! But then you do have to rehome them. Well, that does take 16 years, though ;p
    sorry, haven't checked forum in ages. Platy's are doing good, so BIG now! Yeah, it sucks when you can't find any good BN. Any possibility of getting some more for you?
    sorry for late reply... yeah, livebearers are great fish. So hardy, unlike BN :( Will check out rat topic!
    Yeah, I probably will. Right now I'm getting into Platy's, and hopefully I will get another six :)
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