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  • Hey for some reason I can't read your pm you sent me you can email me at or add me on face book I'm under Jamison Serna
    Hi Jenste, I have an ADF that is bloated in the abdomen and chin. Did a water change 10 dys ago. It stays at the bottom and can go to the top. Have heard about adding aquarium salt. Also aspirating. My frog is in a 1 gallon tank. Usually eats frog bites have given him a bloodworm today. Please advise what to do. I am sick with worry over my beloved pet. Many thanks Cathy
    In your sig, you have a pic of someone holding a dwarf frog.
    Is it possible to take African Dwarf/Clawed frogs out of water? Or is the froggy in the pic dead?
    Zophie :D
    Aw well its a shame i cant get one in this tank, but we don't want him eating up my other fish! That would not be so good. Well maybe one day soon :)
    yay, i have a friend now :p
    The tank is kinda tall i guess, 25inch. Is there other frogs that dont need as much oxygen and hence can cope with the depth?
    Are the likely to be ok if i have khuli loach moving on the bottom?
    Hey, thanks for the post on the thread. I notice you love your frogs, so maybe you can answer another question for me - can i have a frog in my tank if i have mollys, hillstream loach, khuli loach, tetras, plattys, glassfish? Are they picky with their tank mates? Thanks :)
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