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    Awww! Pet of the month nomination! :good:
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    New Guinea Pigs

    Thanks for the info! I have been trying to leave them alone and all, but currently I'm a little worried... I've had them for 16 hours, but they haven't eaten, drunk, or moved! Well, ocassionly they'll start grooming themselves, and one of them, Luna (bigger and braver!) has moved to a different...
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    New Guinea Pigs

    Hi, Well, today I went and got two female guinea pigs, 2 months old, sisters. There names are Luna and Miika. I've done plenty of reserach and I had the cage all set up, and I was ready to go! The only problem is, my piggies are SO skittish! They are both hiding in the hutches I gave them, and...
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    Hey! Is there anything you want to specifically? I could tell you 101 things about them, as I have kept plenty and am a huge fuzzie fan:)
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    Fluval Chi Filter Not Working

    Hi, thanks for the replies. Well, I've found out tragically that I don't have the receipt!! :( :angry: I went to a better LFS, and they told me to pour water through it. It actually worked... almost. Water started definitely moving in there, and I could see it bubbling, ready to come out the...
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    I like your purple hair :) LOL

    I like your purple hair :) LOL
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    Dragon Info Needed

    Pairs can live together, just not two males :good:
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    Fluval Chi Filter Not Working

    Hi, I have a Fluval Chi, 5 gallons, with one betta fish in it. I've had it so far for 4 months. The other day when I came to feed my fish, I found that the filter was making this really loud noise! It was so loud that you could here it through the door! I unplugged it and changed the filter pads...
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    Dragon Info Needed

    Hi! I have had dragons in the past and will, by the end of the month, be getting a baby :good: :wub: They are lovely lizards, the 'puppy dog' of reptiles, IMO, and I would reccomend them immediately, especially to a person that needed a friendly, versatile, hardy, first-time reptile. Feeding...
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    Oh! Sorry for the late reply :) I got a betta who's back is broken... rescued him from a...

    Oh! Sorry for the late reply :) I got a betta who's back is broken... rescued him from a horrible petshop where he was being eaten alive by Angels... He's lovely ;)
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    Good Breeds Of Dogs With Golden Retrievers.

    I love rotties. In fact, I love all dogs especially misunderstood dogs. Will definitely look into a rottie. My husband wants to get a springer so bad.. he loves them! Another option. Anyone have experience with collies (rough and smooth) and goldies? :good: Thanks!
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    Good Breeds Of Dogs With Golden Retrievers.

    Hi! I have a pure-bred English Creme Golden Retriever, Mick, who is almost 2. We are thinking about getting another dog, and I was wondering what breeds you would think would go well with him. -Outside he is very active, inside he is relaxed and calm. -He loves other dogs, but likes them when...
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    Parrot Info Wanted

    Ah, I love Caiques! I've wanted to get one for so long :)
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    Great to hear it!

    Great to hear it!