Good Breeds Of Dogs With Golden Retrievers.


May 24, 2010
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I have a pure-bred English Creme Golden Retriever, Mick, who is almost 2. We are thinking about getting another dog, and I was wondering what breeds you would think would go well with him.
-Outside he is very active, inside he is relaxed and calm.
-He loves other dogs, but likes them when they wrestle and play rough.
-Mick is very stubborn and dominant, though he is afraid of alpha dogs.
-He doesn't have food or toy aggression, but he will growl when he has a bone.
-Loves cats and we have 3 next door.

Help appreciated!!

P.S. Big dog needed! Mick weighs 89 pounds and could hurt a smaller dog accidently.
I would recommend a Rottweiler. My friend had a Golden Retriever and a Rottweiler and they lived harmoniously together for 8 years until sadly the rottie got ill :sad:

I know some people are put off by Rottweilers but to me they are the best dog to have. If I had a bigger place I would get one. My sister has one and she is so soppy. The dog that is not my sister!
Our rottie is great with other dogs. Saying that, our springer spaniel is brilliant too.
I love rotties. In fact, I love all dogs especially misunderstood dogs. Will definitely look into a rottie. My husband wants to get a springer so bad.. he loves them! Another option.

Anyone have experience with collies (rough and smooth) and goldies? :good:

Collies are collies. They're supposed to be sheep dogs (rotties were originally the sheep dogs for Germans by the way) collies bite (not all, I've known one that hasn't)
I have two border collies one pure bred the other has a tiny bit of something but we arent sure what lol.
mine are very good with other dogs the youngest is great with people but wierdly not children yet the oldest is very much opposite lol.
both can handle rough and tough play easily and would recommend them to anyone.

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