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  • if u wanna vanish all your snails then yes go get some but will eat all other snails as well.
    Ok water wise.
    7.8 PH (best for mollies and platties)
    27-29 oC temp
    1 tspn of salt per 5 gallon.
    Guppies are loving it.
    Slowly taking salt out as plants dont grow as good with it in.
    Thanks for the comment
    Well.... I have like three or four un-wanted snails in my tank. Should I get Assasins, or not? Also, are do live bearers really need hard water? Sorry for my newbieness. And my spelling. LOL
    what would u like to know about then???
    The snails are very good at getting rid of unwanted snails.
    I used them as a last effort to kill others off,
    Dont get just one, two or three and they will give a nice look to your tank as well.
    Guppys and platies
    What would i like to know about them???
    P.s sorry about spelling
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