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Getting Started<br />
When I first set up my humble little 20 gallon, my first fish tank, and plopped in a few fish, I soon realised that I had a quite severe problem if algae. I went to my LFS, and asked how I could get rid of it. They recommended that I get a fish called a Bristlenose Pleco- apparently they ate algae, and stayed small and peaceful. So that day, I brought home two small BN’s, and named them Kodiak and Trudy. At first Kodiak and Trudy were mere cleaners to me... I had no attachment too them, and never really took into consideration their diet, water preference, and over-all well being. Soon, if course, that was all to change. When my beautiful BN’s turned one, I started to grow attached to them... nearly all of my original fish had died, except for these little two, who had now grown quite big! Slowly I modified my tank to cater to their needs.... I only had a small shoal of Silver-Tip Tetras in there with them, and they were fed fresh foods, given proper water quality, and daily water changes. When my BN’s spawned, I was happy, because it meant they were happy, but I also had no idea what I was going to do with the baby’s. But when my Tetra’s started to eat the new-borne baby’s, I had to save them.... I scooped them up, and placed them in an old quarantine tank, where they thrived. I had initially thought that I would give them to my LFS, but after a warning from a friend, saying that they would probably just feed them to other fish, I had to keep Trudy and Kodiak’s babies. I bought a 20 gallon tank, and slowly raised the baby’s until they were so big that they needed a 50 gallon! I started to get serious in my little business of breeding, and sold them to friends and fish dealers. I saved a few that I had grown attached two, two female’s named Savannah and Grace, and two males named Oscar and Strider. I put the juveniles together, and as they grew, they soon pared themselves up (Savannah and Oscar, Grace and Strider) and became my official breeders. These four fish, along with their parents, soon became my breeders, who I loved and pampered.<br />
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Now<br />
It has been six years since Trudy and Kodiak spawned... I now have a thriving business of breeding top-quality BN’s. This is my passion, and probably always will be. Whenever a new batch of fry are produced, I think back to the day when I first purchased two little black fish, who I had no love for, who I considered my cleaning service. Little did I know that over the next year I would get so attached to them that they were like my little slimy children. I have raised 100’s and 100’s of BN... They never stop surprising me, and they will always have a place in my heart. <br />
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You<br />
When people come to ask me if they should get a BN, I say “Yes!” BN’s are the most amazing fish, I’m sure you will love your little sucking baby. If you have any questions about Bristle Nose Pleco, please talk to me. You can post on my wall, or PM me, PM’s preferred. I will try and make sure that you have happy BN keeping. So, if you ever need help... please ask,<br />
And happy BN keeping!<br />
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Jul 28, 1989 (Age: 33)
My Aquariums & Fish
50 gal.-- Kodiak and Trudy, BN Pleco + fry
50 gal.--- Savannah and Oscar, BN Pleco + fry
50 gal.---Grace and Jesse, BN Pleco + fry
100 gal--- 50 x Juvinile BN Pleco
100 gal--- 15 x Emperor Tetra's, soon more fish!
5 gal--- Male betta, Kenji
5 gal.--- Male betta, Sumi
5.5 gal-- Male betta, Jewel
5 gal Fluval Chi- Betta, unknown gender/name


You know why I love Bettas? Because to me, they aren't like fish. They're like little dogs or cats.

Do you know why I love Bristle Nose Catfish? Because they make me laugh.

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