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    Christmas Moss

    hi i'll take the moss pm me your paypal details an i'll make the payment, i'll make the payment tommorrow. cheers
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    Selling Up

    hi have you still got the aqua 1 filter for sale?
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    New Light Project - Completed

    would you mind put a link as to were you got them from cheers
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    Juwel Rio 125 (t8) Lightbar With Flaps (pictured Now Added)

    hi would you take £30 including p&p for the filter? an do you take pay pal?
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    How Do You Feed Adf?

    i had good success feeding frogs in a commuity tank by sticking some food in a cd case with one side removed( an sanded down to remove any sharp bits). so only the frogs could get in side to feed the fish did go nuts trying to get the food tho. the frogs died, in the end i think its was...
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    Cherry Shrimp Have Stopped Breeding

    hi isnail there in on there own, i feed them every other day an change 25% of the water each week. i've only had two lots hatch since you gave me them, there was a couple carrying eggs a while ago but they dropped them. the females all have a saddle. there in a 10g tank with a bubble filter...
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    Cherry Shrimp Have Stopped Breeding

    i have about 20 cherrys, they breed a couple off times but the last couple off times the females carried eggs they dropped them. there in a 10g tank states are fine and feed on veg, blood worms, fish food and brine shrimp with a temp of 78. any way to get them to breed again? thanks
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    My Red Claw Eggs Have Hatched!

    sorry mate i wouldn't have a clue, but any chance on post some pics :)
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    £800 For One Shrimp!

    surely no one would pay this much for a shrimp, they only live for a couple of years! ebay
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    Ram Dedication Thread.

    wots your secret to keeping rams, i lost mine recently
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    Blue Rams Breathing At The Surface!

    i've had to net him as he's just laying on his side
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    Blue Rams Breathing At The Surface!

    update,the female seems ok not eating much. but the male now can't swim properly, don't think hes going to last much longer. he looks a little bloated anyone got any ideas wots wrong with him no other fish showing any signs that theres anything wrong!
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    Blue Rams Breathing At The Surface!

    there no longer at the top, but still not moving much!
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    Blue Rams Breathing At The Surface!

    the extra water changes are not going to help if the nitrates from my tap is 40+ i have a fuval 405 on a 55g tank so thats more than enough. its full of media i have 7 tetras 7 guppies 7 mollies 1 garra 3 blue rams (did have a golden ram but its disappeared) 1 buttery fly fish 1 rope fish 1...
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    Cherry Shrimp Wanted In Essex/

    thanks very much to isnail for the healthy shrimp!!!!! :flowers: