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    Scratching Fish

    its been well over 3months since ive added any thing to my tank and everything has been going great from the start, its been up and running for 6months, with no deaths and the plants growing well, now the last few days ive noticed a few fish scratching off the substrate and bog would, why and...
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    Pictures Pictures Pictures

    im not a member yet but will take a look thanks, im on so many things at the moment its hard to keep up with them all! theres a great photography group on facebook ive been using, its just a group anyone can join and each week we have 3 topics for a photo comp and then we comment on each photo...
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    Pictures Pictures Pictures

    wow the bears are a great shot then!, and you didnt run from the big male im asuming they was running from! im keen on wildlife photography myself, wouldnt say im the best as only really picked up a camera this year, but im happy with some of my results. cant get enough of snapping birds at the mo.
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    Pictures Pictures Pictures

    for a faster shutter speed(for moving fish) crank the ISO up :good:
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    Siamese Algae Eater

    oh thats not what i wanted to here, as my tank is fully planted now and they all have the weights still on. thats gona be a job and a half. but thanks for the info :good: thats a job for tomorrow!!
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    Siamese Algae Eater

    i herd that before, but i feed the others when his busy and very small amounts, its all gone before he relizes it :lol: so keeping it that way while the aglae is a problem, his been in my tank 3 weeks now and he hasnt stopped so far so good.
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    i have 5 leopard danios in my tank and a few others but look at my vid of the siamese algea eater at work, you should get one his great.
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    Siamese Algae Eater

    just thought id share this vid of my false siamese algea eater, his great and if your thinking of getting one im sure this will make your mind up, check him out cleaning my plants,pots and colobus such a hard worker, he was sold to me as a SAE but even tho i found out he isnt one, i wouldnt...
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    My New Tank And Set Up !

    wow fab tank jo :good:
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    55G What Do You Guys Think Of My Fish Pics

    i went for the clay pot look aswell, altho ive now recived my plants ive had to change a few things.
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    What Happens If You Don't Cycle A Tank?

    ive done a fish in cycle, its right what the others say about the risks and deaths, but i had a situation where i had to do a fish in cycle im nearly a month into it and i must say my tank is looking amazing and the fish look happy and none stop playing the plants are thriving and looking lush...
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    Whats This All About?

    hey thanks ianho, as i type my fish are having a jacuzzi :good:
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    Help To Identify These Eggs

    does that go for most fish eggs?