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    Is He Ok?

    His fins look like they're healing nicely :) don't know what to suggest about the face, though can't see anything wrong personally
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    Long Fins For A Female?

    Females lack the middle bit of the beard - it will look heart-shaped when they flare :) looks like a young male to me, the ventrals are long IMO, but then I have had a long-ventralled girly before, really confused me! :fun: colour is also nice and bright - a bagged female tends to show stress...
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    My New Betta

    very lovely boy!
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    Wart/blister On My Betta

    Sorry, I don't know what that is :( Is he acting ok and eating?
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    A Change Of Food

    My fish love the Atison's Ocean Nutrition!
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    August Fun Theme Competition - Voting

    Great pics, voted :)
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    Guinea Pigs

    POTM for pic 2nd from bottom :good: they are ADORABLE!
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    Shame, they're much less territorial when they're "done", and saves them from having pent up sexual frustration. But maybe i'm more for neutering because I rescue, each to their own I guess
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    She is very soft and squishy, but she hates me :unsure: no idea why! She loves the cats more than humans :huh:
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    Ruby decided to squeeze her big bunny bottom into the tunnel :fun: bought her a pair of Santa pants to play in too, will have to get pics of that!
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    Is your other boy in your room neutered? better to have him done too otherwise some scraps might break out.
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    Olive The Puffer Says Hello

    :lol: haha. They are hard to take pics of.. except olive, who seems to be a camera hog. Maybe tomo will be a good quiet day for photos
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    Where To Buy

    I know a few people who have bought from the site you mention and all seem to be very satisfied, very reasonable prices too. I think if you're looking at importing you will be paying around the £50 mark for a lovely fish.
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    My New Lil Guy!

    He looks like the colour of cherries!