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    Unknown Cory In Tank(Possible Peppered Cory)

    It all depends on what you are planning to put in the 75. And if it was in a large group they would be better of than only like 6 in a 75. What is your stock list so far, and what do you plan on getting
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    Unknown Cory In Tank(Possible Peppered Cory)

    Im not sure its possible to tell by your picture, but its irrelevant to any situation you may have. And can you elaborate on how it got in your tank if you didnt buy it?
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    Convict Aggression

    Hey Guys,   I have a pair of convict cichlids that have spawned in my 29g. Some eggs were layed on the side of one flower pot where the mother guarded them, and some were inside a flowerpot across the tank where the father guarded them. The father stayed in the flower pot with half of the fry...
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    That tank is truly stunning! The amount of effort put into it makes me enjoy this hobby even more! This is great. 
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    My Tank Has Been Overrun By Platies!

    Almost anything would eat the platies,even platies themselves eat their offspring! I dont think the tank mates are the problem, but the amount of hiding area they have is more of the issue
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    Java Moss

    This seems like the best way to go in my opinion
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    29G Convict Pair

    Hey Guys!    After months of researchong, preparing, and cycling,I finally have my 29g Convict Cichlid tank set up, and stocked! Ive decided not to go with plants, considering the type of fish we are dealing with, and Id also like to have this tank keep a clean crisp look to it. I will be...
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    Need Urgent Help! New!

    If it is just grass, then that isnt any problem, but you cant be sure that it is just grass, unless they are visibly that big.  
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    Green/white Mass On Snail Shell

    ive never heard of 2 before
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    Green/white Mass On Snail Shell

     how do you have a 2 Nitrate
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    New Tank Set Up(Already Done)

    1. You dont need test strips, they dont work, get drops. 2. You dont simply "let things die off" 3. Frankly I dont think you should be setting up another tank. If you cant be responsible with carrying out a pet to its indefinite end, then you shouldnt have it. Do research before you ask...
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    Fish Amount

    Maybe you shouldnt be setting up more tanks before you get your other 100 problems fixed?  
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    Bulging Stomach On Some Fish

    Are you sure on the Nitrates? I have never seen than number before on any kind of reading. Im not a vet, but I dont see the problem you speak of..
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    Bulging Stomach On Some Fish

    Can you provide some pictures? What are your water parameters? We need this info to Identify your problem
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    Fat Platy

    Sorry I meant: "Its Algea, Baylor, and..."