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    Heres One For Ya, Human Blood!

    so.... got the radio going, steve wright in the afternoon, factoids, and they say... most tropical fish could live in a tank of just human blood :huh: :unsure: :unsure: :blink: :blink: :sick: :| :nod: :shout: .... what the blood y hell i thought, can someone here, fishkeeper or vampire...
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    Re-Setup Questions!

    so much in that quote, but my opinions are, the goldfish has to go, no good in a tank really and very no good in a tropical set up, the gravel dosent really hold a lot of bacteria, its all in the filters really, need an air pump? ive had 2 and a 24" air curtain, dont use them at all anymore, as...
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    Cloudy Water, Help Please :)

    the bacteria wont be really in the water it`ll be growing in your filters, so big water changes are fine and good :good: riffraff
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    How Many Litres Water Change

    ooh i`m in the 300 club, bout 300-350 per week between the 2 tanks riffraff
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    April 2012 Tank Of The Month Competition Voting Poll

    evening... some great tanks in there, looks good when you can scroll through all the pics together like that. good luck to everyone. i thank you both, compliments from fellow fishy keepers always helps :good: riffraff
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    Only A Fish Keeper Would......

    and... when having the, if i won the lottery talk at work, people mention cars, houses, holidays etc, i agree and then imagine a lottery winning massive fish tank, or tanks in my lottery winning house....they all just shake their heads :rolleyes: riffraff
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    Only A Fish Keeper Would......

    morning.... seeing as i`m not working tonight because of a slight illness i`m wide awake coz i should be on nights :rolleyes: anyway... i was sitting here thinking of doing a water change, at 3am !! anyone else add to my list of things that only a fiskeeper would do or think?? 1, water...
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    April 2012 Tank Of The Month Competition Entries

    morning.... 6 months in and i`ll give it a go :rolleyes: . .
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    Eggs In The Tank!

    well thanks for nothing you lot, thanks to nobody coming round and guarding the eggs they are all gone now :rolleyes: yes its your fault, yes you reading this, less than 24 hrs from the eggs appearing they have all gone :crazy: thanks riffraff this will make sense when linked to another...
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    Thanks For Nothing My Fish Still Have Red Gills After A Year

    #40## it i`m so sorry mate, now if you would like to pop a couple of tickets to Riverside CA in the post i will pop over and sort it for you, its obviously my fault or someone else on this board but i will fly over and sort it asap cheers riffraff
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    Eggs In The Tank!

    sad but ... heres a vid lol..... :fun: My link riffraff
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    Eggs In The Tank!

    well thanks for the replys... just been watching them, the 2 angels keep rubbing themselves over the eggs, gently with the underside of their bodies??? theyve stopped eating them and are having a time of it chasing the other fish down! wierd, just a lucky dip of 2 angels cause the wife likes...
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    Eggs In The Tank!

    evening... just went to feed the fishies and noticed these :blink: the 2 angel fish are guarding them against all the other fish, but occasionally nip one off and eat it??? are these angel eggs or are they guarding a yummy food supply? the only fish i know i have they a sexually active are the...
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    Vine Wood

    fairy muff... thought i`d found your wood, and tried to help, reading stuff is not the same as talking so, thats not the wood (sarky) thaaaats not the wood (sighing) tch thats not the wood (sad) thats not the wood you numpty...look (matey p..s take) etc etc is impossible to get across, hence i...
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    Vine Wood

    well on the link theres a few types of grapevine wood and the bottom pic is described as Premium Grapevine is sand basted and has a darker colouration. Normally the trunk is thick and has several branches which makes it excellent for arbicol reptiles. Compared to the normal grapevine it is...