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    OMG!! I'm hated and just skim but remove the knowledge and this is a dead stick.. those whom sold rejoice in the death of the site. those whom bought, so sorry , the site will not grow any further as is.
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    Long Car Trip With Fish

    LOL I know right? that is 1/2 of the room. That is a 2008 picture, Got fed up and will stand, sorry.. hate that kind of crap, useless , child anyway. he may put his nose to the glass but he has lost.
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    Too Much Or Too Little Tapwater Conditioner?

    It is fine in planted, it wont break them down but rather just bind them up into a less toxic to fish form.
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    High Amonia And Nitrate And I Think My Pleco Is Going To Die

    I hope for the best but try to be blunt. You will do no favors to your stock in being placid. Take direct action!! water parameters are #1 cause of most malady. test , retest if in doubt, take action knowing you are doing the best in your power. remove the over stock as soon as you can as...
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    Too Much Or Too Little Tapwater Conditioner?

    When dosing I would not take displacement into account. after looking and finding said product "nutrafin aqua plus" oh my goodness after looking at the bottle for 10+ mins i found that the directions are under the label, what a wierd place to put them eh? anyways it says : 1capful=5ml to...
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    Test Kit

    Api freshwater master kit is the most recommended on this site to hobby keepers. you need PH , Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. The middle 2 being most important to you right now. Please read the beginners section if you haven't already as being fish-less you are in the best possible position to...
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    Reducing My Water Hardness?

    As to hard water, without #'s from your source , African rift lake species are rewarding and not as intensive as some would claim, Intelligent, active , and hardy for the most part. Lot of attention given to buffering and ph that isn't actually needed in 90% of cases.. and you claim hard water...
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    July 2012 Tank Of The Month Comp. Voting Poll

    #3 , best reproduction of a species only biotope I've seen lately!!! :good: Not a Living room dandy, Stellar!! Snake-heads get a bad rap. poor fishies
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    Ok so bear with as I'm across that big #17##### lake. .. that's a 100 gallon plus? Well then your seeming golden. :good: Now I am a tad jealous of a few (from rough identification, or / and quality of stock) you have that I cant secure. Obviously attentive as your fish show result of great...
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    You Thought You Scaped Your Tank?

    lmao.. yeah. best laid plans right? looked so cool and now.. well still cool but my ocd say FIX. lol They are such belligerent, single minded, all about me, yet endearing, entertaining, engaging fish.. LOVE EM
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    Reducing My Water Hardness?

    Not a shred of bad advice in leaving it alone. If you are worried test your tap water then post your test results and you could get an extremely short list of possible problems. Your situation and water parameters will dictate your path. You modifying your water will likely reduce you to...
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    High Amonia And Nitrate And I Think My Pleco Is Going To Die

    As for stressing them? Never any judgement BUT, that toxic brew is far more intrusive, give apologies to them as you fix the situation if it makes you feel better, but you are doing right in doing so. A Very large change is going to let them relax much more than slowly lowering the choking...
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    I Need Some Advice

    :good: Just good fish-keeping IMO. good choice on the canisters. Edit: and I love the Avatar. is it you? great shot.
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    Help Me With Sand

    +1 on the sticky. well written and accurate
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    You Thought You Scaped Your Tank?

    I know right!! He looked so Guilty when I walked up. lol. I love the way they dig. It entertains me. Edit: I so wish the oh so plain red shoulder peacocks you see in video would hurry up and show color.. I need to cull out females and open up for a Benga yellow and a flame tail.