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    Free Cory!

    The same thing recently happened to me with one harlequin rasbora fry. It's amazing what they can survive. Mine was pretty colourless to begin with as well, but it's getting brighter and brighter as the week goes on. Congrats!
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    3Ft Goldfish Tank

    Wow. Gorgeous tank. Makes me want to try goldfish. Boofer's magnificent. Your names make me want to get down to the cinema to watch the Hobbit pt 2.
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    Friends For An Angry Rts?

    I asked one LFS but they changed their policy recently and they won't take fish unless I can prove I bought it there (which I didn't). I'm going to ask my nearest Maidenhead next time I'm there.   I have wanted to try cichlids for a very long time. I was really hoping to lower overall aggression...
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    Friends For An Angry Rts?

    It's a shame really. He was a very peaceful fish up until about 6 months ago + I really haven't known how to deal with him since. I've been looking to rehome the clown loach for a while, as I don't feel the tank length can accommodate a proper group of them, but I'm struggling to find somewhere...
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    My Blue Betta !

    Aww he's so cute! I love his little beady eye.
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    Friends For An Angry Rts?

    Hey y'all. I'm after ideas for tank-mates for my super aggressive 4 year old red tailed shark, Lenny. He's my baby, and I love him to bits, but he really is a violent little tyke.   He currently shares my 75g long with a single clown loach having harassed a common plec, 2 sailfin mollies and 1...
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    Castiel: My New Boy

    Thanks guys. I feel terrible about it and I didn't really want to make a post about it, but I thought I should conclude this journal.
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    Harlequin Rasbora Fry

    That's my current philosophy. I'm just a bit concerned that the red tailed shark will take more of a notice once it gets bigger - he is not a friendly shark.
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    Plant Recovery After Salt Treatment?

    I wasn't thinking straight because I was worried about a fish, and I left 2 anubias plants and 1 java fern in a salt-treated tank for 2 days. When I noticed that 75% of the leaves had turned brown, I took them out and put them in different tanks. Although there are still green leaves on all 3 of...
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    Harlequin Rasbora Fry

    I had 6 harlequin rasbora living in my 75g but moved them upstairs to my 35g when I cleaned out the bigger tank in preparation for my African project. I completely gutted the tank: new substrate, new decor, 100% WC. The only thing that remained in the tank was the boxed in filter. However, about...
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    Castiel: My New Boy

    I hate to update this with bad news, but Cas died on Tuesday (my birthday ) I'm still not entirely sure why. He seemed to be relatively young. I noticed that he was getting pretty lethargic over his last couple of weeks so I was doing daily water changes along with salt treatment. He didn't...
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    Nature Close-Ups

    Cheers for the nightmares dude.  
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    November 2013 - Fish Of The Month Competition Entries

    My female angel, Juliet.   Verification: Hope the verification image is good enough. She just spawned (you can see the egg shadows on the second anubias leaf) so she wouldn't come to the front for any more pics.
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    180 Litre (Pic Heavy)

    Cheers. They're starting to face the right way now - the leaves adjust to the light surprising quickly, which is why thehy all ended up at weird angles in the first place. I didn't expect them to be so fast, because they're normally such slow growers.   I'm really glad i decided to tie them...
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    75G Anubias Jungle

    Anubias really is the best   I'm having a bit of an algal bloom at the moment. Also, I noticed  a really tiny fish in the tank. I think it's harlequin fry from when I had harlequins in the tank - although I never saw them spawning. Not sure what on earth I should do. It's about 1cm long and I...