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    Fish Of The Year 2012 Voting Poll

    I'm glad the results of this poll makes sense. In real life, entries 1 and 6 are have the best value in the market. 
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    Tank Of The Year 2012 Voting Poll

    All are nice but taking into account both talent and passion, I'll pick only from entries 4,9 and 11. But oh, none of these are winning.
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    Unknown Fish

    What about a video perhaps?
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    I am looking for a fish that is an insectovor

    Archers of course.
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    Spotted Climbing Perch Diet

    Only tubifex worked for me
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    Can Crayfish Climb Air Hose

    Yes they can and they will
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    I Need A Cool Name For My Eel

    Call him "Og"
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    Tips About Gar Fish?

    My 1 ft long gar survived 6 weeks without food and without water change in a half filled 15 gallon tank. I was bedridden then. I'd say gars seem really really tough fishes
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    Aba Aba

    Can you keep two aba aba together? I heard this is a no-no.
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    Need Advice About Elephant Nose

    any fish but not those similar to it that gives off electrical signals like ghost knives and electric catfishes
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    Algae Formation

    many sources. from the water from the petstore or maybe the plants. We can soeculate all we want
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    Can Fish Get Impacted From Ingestion Of Sand?

    Yes I have seen some tilapia (for cooking) with small grains the size of rice in their intestines