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    Selling My 37-Gallon Tank

    Hi, So I have been feeling like my fish tank is too much for me and I'm not enjoying it  .  I feel like a horrible fish owner, but I think the best thing for both of us would be if I went ahead and got rid of the fish.   I'm asking $175, which is about 1/2 of what I paid in the first place, for...
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    Dead Catfish

     I will try to lower my temp, but the tank might have to wait a month because right now it's in a fairly warm garage.  In 1 month we will be moving it into the house. Do you think they can wait that long? dgwebster is right, I couldn't find the fish for the life of me.  I now know that it was...
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    Is My Fish Ill Or Just Fat? [+Hi Res Pics]

    I'm so sorry.    I had a fish die from dropsy recently and it is really heartbreaking when you care about the fish.  Good luck with your other fish.
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    How Accurate Are Tetra 6 In 1 Test Strips?

    I used to do that too and it worked well, but when I got to the end of my jar I thought why spend the extra $11...they are cheap compared to liquid tests though.
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    Asking For A Friend

    I wish he could understand that he is making his fish miserable.  And if he does understand, I wish he would take the initiative to give them better lives.
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    How Long?

    Hi, It usually takes the nitrite bacteria roughly twice as long to develop as the ammonia bacteria.  It will seem really frustrating like you're getting nowhere, but then one day you'll test it and out of the blue it will be 0.  It just takes time and patience :). And as for fish...hmm...for a...
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    Last One To Post Here Wins

    Noooo...I am winning.
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    Getting Sand! Need Help!

    Play sand works great for me.
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    How Accurate Are Tetra 6 In 1 Test Strips?

    I used to use the Tetra 6 in 1 me, you'll be a lot better off with a liquid kit.  I use the API, but as lock man says it can be hard to read the ammonia right.
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    Dead Catfish

    Thank you both...yeah for a minute I almost thought I was seeing a catfish ghost lol!!  I checked twice this morning and he's still great :)
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    What Pets Do You Have?

    What kind of hamsters do you have?  I have 2 Chinese :D
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    Dead Catfish

    Oh. My. Gosh. I just saw the supposedly dead catfish swimming its its bro!!! All 4 catfish are alive!!! I don't know where the carcass that the snail ate. My guess is that it is the carcass of a catfish that died at least 3months ago. It must have been stuck in one of the ornaments that I...
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    Upgrading Already?! ))))

    No problem!!  Best of luck in your transition.
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    Is My Fish Ill Or Just Fat? [+Hi Res Pics]

    No problem. There used to be a thread about different methods of euthanization but I think it got too old. You could start a new one.
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    Dead Catfish

    Hi, and thank you both for your answers. I am going to try to get another 5 at least. I was planning on getting some more before we moved but didn't because I wasn't sure how they would survive the trip. I might try and see if I can resell one species so I don't have to get so many and put my...