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    My Lizards, Dogs And New Baby.

    Just a question out of curiousity.. how much do bearded dragons cost over there? Gorgeous pets by the way :)
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    Thought I'd Post Some Pics Of My Clown Loach

    Thanks for that! I usually try and distribute pieces of algae wafer around the tank and I try to spread out flakes as much as possible. My big clown is pretty protective of his food though so I may have to spread the food out even more :)
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    55g South American Planted

    Your BN looks like a female to me. And your rams' fins are amazing. Have they been specially bred to have such long fins?
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    Thought I'd Post Some Pics Of My Clown Loach

    Love clown loaches :D Got a question though. I have a little group of my own and I bought them when they were all the same size, about 4cm or so. One of them has grown to about 8cm in a fairly short amount of time while the others haven't grown much at all. Why's that??
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    Pet Snake Pics

    Your kingsnake is stunning! My boyfriend and I plan on getting either a diamond python or carpet python (not sure what subspecies as yet) as soon as we get a viv set up and sort out getting a licence. Dunno how long that's all going to take haha.
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    Ferret Sleeping In An Awkward Position!

    This is our ferret Lucifer sleeping upside down. He has a variety of sleeping places available, this one is his bean bag filled with old shirts (instead of beans). This was taken on a camera phone hence the bad quality. You get the idea.
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    Australian Bushfires Of 2009

    The person/people that started these fires should be tied to a stake and burned.
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    Few New Pics Of The Inhabitants

    I love how some people on these forums just seem to look for problems. Highly amusing. dave_oddballs your fish are lovely :)
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    Western Australia's Pathetic Laws

    I recently heard about a 15 year old boy getting shot three times by three policemen because he was brandishing a couple of knives. Happened in Victoria. 15 YEAR OLD BOY. SHOT. BY POLICE. WHAT!?
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    Ripley The Corn

    So cute :hyper: He's gorgeous. I have a question about corn snakes actually. I recently went to the Zoo in Sydney for an overnight stay (camp out in tents, go behind the scenes in some animal enclosures etc etc). The first activity we did involved the keepers bringing out some animals for us...
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    Aggressive (?) Clown Loach

    Excellent thanks for that. They are all eating fine and no injuries :)
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    Aggressive (?) Clown Loach

    My boyfriend and I have 5 clown loaches in a 4 foot tank. We bought them when they were about 3cm. One in particular has grown quite rapidly and is about 6cm now. The others are around 4cm. I have noticed that the big one has been particularly aggressive towards the other loaches. Just then s/he...
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    My Bird Is Unwell :(

    Too late. I came home just then and found him dead :( This is so depressing. Two dead animals within the space of a few weeks. First a ferret and now my bird. Not happy :(
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    My Bird Is Unwell :(

    My budgie/budgerigar/parakeet is not well. I noticed he wasn't really eating a few days ago. Right now he is very weak and inactive. He is about 7 years old. Does anyone know what could be wrong with him? Could it just be old age? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sick Ferret

    He died today :( We took him to the vet on Monday and we were going to take him again tomorrow to get a blood test done because the vet didn't know what was wrong with him. She said it was nothing we could have caused though. The saddest thing is that our other ferret doesn't have his companion...