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    We Have Babies!

    mine took like 7 months....maybe longer, wasn't feeding them the best food though tbf, btw, around 40% of my females are not breedable due to deformaties or size issues.
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    Guppy Gave Birth!

    yeah fry rock tbh, i remember i bought a guppy and it popped, i collected all the fry extensively, now I have 16 healthy guppies, it's a nice feeling, although in fairness one is pretty deformed, and about 40% of the females just won't grow into a breeding size, but hey
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    Cause Of Guppy's Sudden Death?

    I dont think you need to be conducting post-morterms and drawing chalk lines - Guppy's are cheap, common, and inter-bred so much that they very often die unexpectidly, probably merely internally weak
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    The Never Ending Pregnancy

    they'll pop soon, don't worry.
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    Not Allowed To Use Ammonia!

    You can play around with your own piss if you want, but I dont think anyone else will I know a lot of people that have not bothered to cycle the tank and they have had zero problems, i'm not recommending this though If you can't use ammonia for some silly reason, then just chuck in a few...
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    Can I Have Some More Fish

    A fluval 2 is fine for a 20 gall, just let the filter mature and cycle, and as the tank ages, it will be more capable of handling larger fish and more of them. To answer your question, you can add those 3 platies and some bottom feeders with no problems at all, my advice to you would be not to...
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    The 1l Measuring Cup

    Look at the name and the pic, this person is clearly a child, in which case we should probably cut him/her a break
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    Convicts And Tiger Barbs

    thanks for the posts very helpful, i've decided to steer clear of convicts, and am interested in a pair of......bubblegum parrot cichlids, (contraversial i know) I just love the awesome blue and purple colours. Don't know if i will get these becuase i have a load of small guppies which i fear...
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    Convicts And Tiger Barbs

    oh, I read something that said they were african so I posted here, my mistake. The tank size is 20g, so i wanted one convict and say 5 tiger barbs, I wanted a blue convict becuase of the colour contrast between the two types of fish. What other less aggressive cichlids would you recommend, but...
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    Convicts And Tiger Barbs

    Can these fish be mixed? and to convicts have to be kept in pairs? Finallly, which cichlids other than convict are good to be kept with tiger barbs? Thanks
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    Should I Buy This Tank?

    deffo do not buy, unless you fancy redecorating your home anyway =p
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    Wanted - 5 Ft Tank In Birmingham

    HELLO. looking to buy a 5 footer just the tank hood and cabinet must be included nothing tatty! email me on '' with any offers willing to travel around the Birmz area. peace.
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    Cichlids For A 30g

    thanks guys
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    Cichlids For 30g

    thanks guys
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    Male To Female Fry Ratio

    I have al alpha male in mine, he is the most vivacious and colourful, i think i spotted one other male, he doesnt look very sexually active though. I guess you are supposed to get more females to males as this would mean more future fry