Where can I find gold gravel?

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Jun 18, 2003
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Hi, this is my first post I need help I am wanting to put a 55 gallon tank in my football room but I can't find the color gravel I want, I've looked all over the net still no luck. I'm looking for gold gravel preferably a shinny gold, the walls in my room are black with gold trim ( I'm a Saints fan) I could use black gravel but it wouldn't Stand out as much as I would like. I hope some of you who have been doing this for a while can point me in the right direction. I'm new to the fish hobby, a friend gave me a 10 gallon tank and I love it I've got to go bigger now.

First welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place for all your fishy needs and questions.

Next............It happens again. From small to large!! That is how it starts!! I am talking about MTs or Multiple Tank Syndrome.

It happens to us all so just go with it and enjoy.

Third..........I don't think you will find gold gravel!! I have been keeping fish for over 20 years and have never seen it.

IMO it would not be a good choice to go with. The shiny gold color would not bring out your fish's color very well and it would make the fish nervous and skittish as well.

IMO, black would be a way better choice. It will show of your fish's color very well and will not detract attention from the fish and place it on the gravel.....which after all is what we try to accomplish (showing off the fish that is)


i dont think i have seen gold colour gravel i recomend you dont think of spraying gravel gold it would kill the fish ... i know you prolly wherent thinking of it but just encase one thing you could do is make up a back ground and tape it to the back of the tank and use black gravel as cm said. if you are shure you want something gold then there may be some gold ornaments in pet stores or posibly use real gold... sounds expencive good lcuk and welcoem to the forum.
First, hi and welcome. MTS so quickly hmmmm - have to see someone about that :lol: :wub: Gold gravel - I have seen it round here were I live - but it's mixed in with other irredescent coloured gravel. There's a shop near me that sells it - if you want, I can ask them if it's possible to get just gold, but, of course, that depends on your location.
i was gonna mention the moon glow gravel too

i have the light grey type of moon glow in my 10 gallon and i admit it does look nice......it is quite a large size gravel tho.....maybe not brilliant if u got an undergravel filter

the ppl who make the moon glow also make a black graphite shiny look gravel/sand and it looks wicked.....really sets off the colours of the fish

if u live in the u.k. u can get the moon glow range from PETS AT HOME stores

hope this helps

Tek :fish:
i bought some gold gravel and i washed it a lot the next morning the water was cloudy with glod bits floating in it and all the fish were dead!
I have seen it here in ireland but i dont know if u could get it in england id say u could

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