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Today I planned to plant my flowers that I’m growing for the wedding, but the Wind storm destroyed our chicken coop AND chicken run. Both my mom and I are sick with a nasty respiratory virus and we get to rebuild a new coop today, hopefully before dark. YayyyyyyπŸ™„
Basically doing nothing but waiting for tomorrow when baseball season starts. ;)

Actually sort of mentally laying out plans for setting up a 5 gallon tank for breeding scuds as live food for my main tank. Almost sure that I will go strictly under gravel filtration as it is probably safest for scuds removing intakes that could suck in the tiny scuds. LOL! As known I also prefer UG. ;) Have also pretty much decided on rock and/or wood mounted Anubias as lower plants with water sprite as floaters probably rock. I have a chunk of wood outside of my main tank that I could use for Anubias but my bird likes it as a perch when watching the fish. Decided that I will also add some chunks of pumice rock for 2 reasons. 1) Scuds like things to attach to and, 2) pumice rock is porous and will cultivate bacteria colonies. Decided on a 25 watt heater even though a 10 watt would probably do. I am a strong believer as to over kill when it comes to electronics. While a 10 watt would probably do a 25 watt will be much less stressed making it last longer. This is just like my 20 gallon cube; a 25-50 watt heater would be fine yet I use a 100 watt. For the same reason I will use a single Whisper 20 air pump to drive the UG when a smaller pump would suffice.

I think that I have it all figured out except for the location and substrate. :dunno:

As to location I initially figured my kitchen counter but am now thinking my bedroom dresser. More and more as I keep considering I think that I like the bedroom dresser. While it already holds a 32 inch TV the set has a small base and could be moved over to make room. This would make part of the set hang past the end of the dresser but, as it is against a wall, I see no danger to the set. Mess with the scuds to where their 'light time' becomes my night time and the little tank would make an awesome night light. This could also work as to noise while I sleep. After 16 years living 5 blocks from the ocean in Florida I have a white noise machine set for surf, can't sleep without the sounds. The low noise from the filtration could replace the white noise thing.

As to substrate I'm still considering... For the safety of the scuds I lean toward sterile smooth gravel. Yet I have a fresh water pebble base creek right behind my apartments and am considering scooping out a bucket of the pebbles for the substrate. I did this in a tank I had in Ohio and it was probably the best substrate I ever used. This would also mean that the pebbles would likely already include some scuds and other minute beasties.

So what it boils down to is that what I am doing today is causing pain to my brain by making the poor and abused think work, :(
Got my car out today and played around with it, washed it and it’s so pretty I love it 😊
Being thrilled as my sports drought is over. In a minute or so Cleveland baseball starts again! :) Go tribe/Indians/Guardians.. Even after a year it is still REALLY for me to call the Indians the Guardians... Don't know if I ever will.
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I came back from Mexico last night. My friend was feeding my fish in my absence. I gave him specific feeding instructions on quantity of food. But I see a huge green algae bloom today. Nutrients must be out of whack. Huge clean up project today. Had to bleach soak plants and statue. Lesson learned.

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