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We have 11 very cute pets entered into the March 2023 Pet of the Month Contest. View all the pets and descriptions below and then go to top of page and click on your choice for POTM and then click the "cast" button.

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Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken. You are not allowed to have friends or family join TFF for the main purpose of voting for you. This is a public poll so source of votes can be viewed.

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Poll will close on March 31st at 4:00 PM ET (US).
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Let me introduce you to my dog, Cubby! He is a toy poodle that is two and a half now, and he LOVES stealing towels. He knows all the standard tricks, plus two unique tricks called dance and kissy. When I someone tells him to do dance, he will go in his hind legs and spin in a circle before going back on all fours. When someone tells him to do kissy, they will lean over and he will jump up and touch his snout to your cheek. The reason he is named Cubby is because he was supposed to resemble a bear cub! He helps me with my anxiety and if I could ask him to do one thing, I would ask him to help me clean my aquariums 🙄. It’s fine, I love my Cubby to the brim!

(Please include the one with the note in the votings)
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This is our family cat, Bug! And since my dad refuses to accept ownership of her, I thought I would enter her.
Bug is around thirteen years old (we don't know exactly) and her one saving feature is how fat she is.
Bug was adopted from a pet shelter in the next town over. She was found as a young stray on the nearby reservation with a few kittens. Our guess at her story is that she was a pet as a kitten because she is much too cuddly to be a full stray, then she got pregnant and was dumped. My dad actually picked her out at the shelter because we needed a cat who could hunt and take care of herself, and he figured that if she could keep herself and her kittens alive on the rez, she must be tough. We named her Bug because she has a bit of a high opinion of herself and therefore needed a degrading name. ;)
When we first got her, Bug was an excellent hunter and nearly self-sufficient. And then, in @WhistlingBadger's words, my mom and I spoiled her rotten.
We used to live on a big property out of town, and she would get chubby in the winter but slim down in the summer, leaving the decapitated heads of baby rabbits in the garden for decoration. When we moved into town a few years ago, she seemed to decide that slimming down was unnecessary, and just kept the blubber year-round. She is still a good hunter, but she usually can't be bothered to work that hard and can be found sleeping on the bathroom heater.
My dad and Bug do not like each other for precisely the same reasons: He/she isn't useful to me and he/she makes noise when I'm trying to sleep. Bug hates music, which is unfortunate because all of our family play high-pitched instruments 😆 so she takes it upon herself to yowl incessantly whenever we practice.
Bug is a cuddly, irritable, music-hating, lazy old fat cat. Dad still mourns the loss of his sleek huntress. And the women in my family still love her fatness.
Sorry for how long this is :)
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Hello! This is Trudy! I have no idea what type she is or how old, I predict she’s somewhere between 2-3 years. She was a street cat turned snuggle addict. She’s a partial indoor/outdoor cat. She likes to be outside but she also loves a nice indoor snuggle day, especially when it’s chilly out. Im still in the process of teaching her how to properly use a scratching post- she likes to bite it and rub her head on it, which isn’t what it’s supposed to be used for. Baby steps. Baby steps. Her favorite toys are, predictably, strings. Any type of string. She also likes a good ol wrestle against someone’s arm. We’re also still trying to get our dogs accumulated to her presence, with mixed success, so Trudy can also have free rein of the house. I know it can be a lengthy process so we’re working on it!

But perhaps the most important factor….

She likes unicorns 😌
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20160104_172944 1.jpg
Meet my old lady cat Sasha.
This is her stretched out all over me! This is how we fall asleep every night 🌙 😴
She is a 17 year old street kitty that I rescued from a wood pile in an alley out in the desert back in 2006. It was middle of summer where temperatures reach over 100 degrees! There were several kittens running around but they were so fast it was hard to catch them. Then I saw this little tiny one trying to run but she was so weak she could barely stand up. So I picked her up and took her home. She was so dehydrated and hungry that had I not taken her home when I did, I really don’t think she would have made it another day.

So I took her to the vet got her all cleaned up got her shots and then later had her fixed.

She is my emotional support animal and my side kick. I can't imagine life without her.💕💕
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This is scoutie boi. He is a three year old miniature Australian. My wife and I flew two states over to get him. He is the runt of the litter and has a bit of an overbite The vet let us know "well, he'll never be a show dog" haha. Scouts hobbies include long walks, rolling in muddy puddles,and chasing birds and squirrels. We take this dog everywhere we go except work and dog hating Costco. He eats fromm dog food and scraps from my daughter's high chair. Great family dog. We never need a leash because he judt follows my daughter around or vise versa. Where one wanders the other is close behind.
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The amazing Adelaide.
A very very special black void.
She knows when you feel sad and will personally sit on you until you are feeling better. Or until you need to move due to muscle stiffness.
She is about seven or eight years old and still cannot kill a mouse. She prefers catching them and then releasing them in my room to chase and lose.
She might think she's a dog.
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Here is Scout, my buff Orpington hen (with Betty in the background). She was an assisted hatch, incubated from an egg sent through the post, and she is lovely. She clucks and potters around the garden with Betty, she enjoys human company, and she’ll jump onto a human if we stay still for a second. She has also just started laying tasty Orpington eggs so she is being spoilt (as payment) with watermelon and cheese!
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This is Pinecone, my sister and I’s Grey silky hen.
She always waits for attention and scratch, and she loves sitting on your lap for pets.
We’ve had her for a year or so since she was a chick, and she likes to hatch some of our silky chicks during spring and summer.
Her silky little pom pom is one of a kind :wub:
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Here's my cat, Matilda. She's my best friend. She loves eating, sleeping, warmth and me! She's 6 years old, and super lazy. She's quite crazy, doesn't like being touched (by other people), and hates everyone (but me ;)) . She's scared of everything. She makes me company every day, sleeps with me every night, begs for food every morning, and eats my food... when she has the chance to. She does have some agression issues, but otherwise she's really sweet. Her purring is just priceless. She likes me petting her tummy the most:wub:. What makes me laugh every day is her drinking water from everywhere but her water dish. My glass of water, the flower pots, from the toilet (lolllll) and.... the aquariums😂. She's very good with my fish, one of my Bettas once jumped out of the tank and she came to me and made me FOLLOW HER to the tank😱 .She's quite the character.🥰
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Coming up at the end of this month is our Tank of the Month Contest. For April, we will feature tanks sized at 17 to 30 US gallons. If you have that size tank, we hope to see you enter the contest.
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Coming up at the end of this month is our Tank of the Month Contest. For April, we will feature tanks sized at 17 to 30 US gallons. If you have that size tank, we hope to see you enter the contest.
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Coming up at the end of this month is our Tank of the Month Contest. For April, we will feature tanks sized at 17 to 30 US gallons. If you have that size tank, we hope to see you enter the contest.
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