Wet or dry? Best way to grow.


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Sep 3, 2020
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I'm in the beginnings of setting up my new Waterboy Mini 6.
I have the hardscape stuff and the plants ready and I want some really fast growth so that I can get the tank up and running.
The plants I'm going for are Pearl Weed in one corner that's raised to about 2 thirds height of the tank, then mini hairgrass as a frontal carpet, some Xmas Moss on bits of the hardscape stuff, also some bits of Java Moss if I think it can be better visually, some
Anubis nana Petite in clefts of the wood. I know these are low light plants so they can added at a later stage.
The substrate is AF Lavasoil with Tropica Aquasoil over the top.
At present I'm just using a low tech light that will be replaced shortly with a high spectrum Chihiros A Series A361.
I started my previous tanks by growing the plants dry, ie wet soil and a clingfilm cover. Is this the best way or is it better to cover the plants with water, ie filling the tank to a level above the plants? If I did that I could also add CO2 from a spare system in my garage.
Speed of growth is the intention.

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