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Critter Geek

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Aug 26, 2004
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Hey! I'm new. Wow, it feels weird saying that. Heh. I'm completely new to the forum and technically new to aquaria. I have a 10g set up of fish only with 3 Zebra Danios and 1 pleco of some sort. I have a 60g hex waiting to be set up and I'm hoping to turn it into a planted fish aquarium, but I'm still researching it all and in the process of figuring how what to do as far as lighting goes. I'm lookiing for a hood, or else I'm just going to build one, which seems like a better idea at the moment. Much cheaper, I'm sure.

Anyways, I'm glad to be a part of this forum and I'm hoping I learn a lot!
welcome to the forum. hope u get all the info u need. alot of smart people here
post a pic of ur aquarium in members aquariums and fish pics, i wanna see it :D
Welcome to the forums! The hex can be a lovely planted tank. There are a few members here with great hex tanks... There are also other sites on the net with planted (expert and wonderful) tank competitions that will give you something to shoot for.

:hi: to the forums

Personally I feel that 10gallons is not enough room for
Zebra danios you need to keep them in a minimum group
of 5 to keep their aggression down.
Also what kind of pleco do you have?
many of them grow extramley big.

I hope you find the info you need here :D
Nice setup :D And being able to build tank parts is a plus, so i encourage building :D
I think soon those 2 tanks will blow out to 6 or 7 mate, just wait till you get the bug!

Welcome to the forums.
yeah, it is a virus i'm telling you! One that comes over you and takes all your money away, lol... but it's all worth it.
Aint that the truth. Just kissed away another 3 bills on a UV setup. This is a precursor to official MTS. Someone better stop me.. I'm gettin outta controll!

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