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May 20, 2023
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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

Returning to the forum life, because FB and discord has let me down it terms of being able to answer my questions and forums have always been good to me in the past.

I started with a 20g long many years ago then upgraded to a 40g Breeder, but tore it down a handful of years ago due to a crash after a waterchange. I gave up. But some of my coworkers and friends have tanks or started one and it's made me miss aquariums, so a few weeks ago I started grabbing stuff for a new 20g Long (biggest my apartment complex allows haha) and just got it up and running last week. I'm blessed with tons of LFS's in my area to choose from and some had wonderful advice.

I always did low-tech because I didn't want to mess with all that expensive, fancy stuff, but this time I'm going Hi-tech with Co2 because I really want lush plants!

I haven't started the cycling process yet, because honestly I just want my plants to really establish first before doing anything further. Right now I'm just trying to figure out this Co2 stuff, I did research to the best of my ability, but I think either I don't have enough flow in the tank or my drop checker just sucks...

Anywho, expect some new posts from me shortly where I can hopefully get these questions answered. <3

Picture is of this morning. I know the light is precariously perched, I ordered a riser for it and got it yesterday, but it doesn't work... so this might just have to be how it is...
05-20-23 Day 2.jpg
Welcome to the forum!
Nice aquarium!!

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