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This is my 10g gourami aquarium.
Sparking Gourami x4
Amano shrimp x2
Misc neocardinia shrimp.

Ludwigia super red
Christmas moss
Crypt wendtii red
Pygmy chain sword
Pearl weed
Pennywort Verticillata

This is a walstad aquarium, so there is no filter. The substrate is organic potting soil capped with sand. No fertilizers are added. The lighting is a Chihiros LED. The tank has been set up for approximately seven months now. I recently rescaped it, so its in the grow-out faze.
I like where it is going. :)
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My little 6 gallon planted tank with sand. The plants have taken root lovely, considering the sand, and never having had fertilizer are doing pretty well. Plants are vallis, Java fern, pearl weed and Java moss. Accompanied with pebbles from my favorite place in the world, Zante. Bog wood and a twisted Fucia root from my garden. Non toxic.
The residents are African dwarf frogs and Ramshorn snails. This particular tank has been established for 2 years now and is one of many I have with ADF.
I have a small 25watt heater, no filter or pump, due to keeping water still and calm. I vacuum regularly and water change very regularly, as with adf as they are used to regular down pours in nature and I do my best to simulate this for them.
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unnamed (1).jpg

Tank: Fluval Spec 60 (all in one - filter and heater are in the compartment to the right fo the display).
Substrate: Sand with aquarium soil underneath.
Hardscape: 2 x bogwood, 1 x java rock
Plants: Trident fern, anubias, Echinodorus 'Rosé', Monosolenium tenerum liverwort, vallisneri, amazon frogbit floating at top
Fish: 1 x Red Dwarf Gourami, 10x Green Neon Tetra

This tank has only been going for a couple of weeks. Plans are to add more green neon tetra, some amano shrimp to deal with the algae and to plant something (more anubias?) in the area to the right where the aquarium soil is

Fluval Flex 9, set up in various configurations for about 2 years now. Stock filter is modified with more foam and more ceramic media, no carbon. Current stock are sunset platies, ember tetras, a couple of survivor celestial pearl danios, nerite snails, amano shrimp. A few unintended occupants - my female platies came pregnant apparently and there are 3 babies also (adults will be moved to another tank when the babies get bigger to avoid over stocking). Plants anubias, asian water fern, java fern Christmas moss, subwassertang, red root floaters, dwarf lettuce. Water parameters usually 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, very minimal nitrate, PH about 7.2. 15-20% water changes weekly with addition of Prime, alternating Flourish or Leaf Zone, Potassium. Fish are fed 2x/day a variety of foods - freeze dried tubiflex, freeze dried brine shrimp, Omega flakes, bug bite granules, bug bite flakes. Stock lighting was replaced with a Hygger light.

10 gal aquarium, black sand and Fluval Bio Stratum substrate. Amazon Sword, Java Ferns, Red Root Floaters, Crypt Parva, Lobelia Cardinalis small form.
NewCrew Sky LED light, Aqueon Quiet Flow 10 HOB, Yukihalu small 50 watt heater, air stone.
8 cardinal Tetras, 3 Otocinclus, 1 Nerite Snail.
Flourish liquid fertilizer, Seachem Root Tabs and Flourish Excel.
API Tropical Flakes fed once a day. Fresh cucumber and zucchini from time to time.
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5 gallon Aqueon tank (started on 4/7/23)

Biochemical Sponge Filter Ultra Quiet Aquarium Air Pump Bio Sponge Fish Tank Foam Filter
Small Submersible Aquarium Heater, Adjustable Mini Fish Tank Heater 25W
NICREW ClassicLED Aquarium Light

Fluval Bio Stratum, Aquarium Gravel Substrate for Aquatic Plant Growth, 4.4 lb
Spider wood
Grass Seeed Mini Leaf & Long Hair Grass Small Pearl
Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata
Anubias Barteri
A couple other plants not sure what they are.

Seachem root tabs

Betta [Alien] (Male) *Feed Tetra BettaMin once per day. Frozen brine shirmp once per week.
Red Cherry Shrimp (started with about 4 and many babies now so not sure total count) *Small amount of green bean once per week.
Nerite snail
Several bladder snails with one of the biggest I've ever seen!

pH 7.6
Ammonia & Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate 10ppm
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This is my 5 gallon Betta+shrimp tank.
1 Betta name Luna
A few ghost shrimp that love to steal Luna's food :p
Bladder snails
Java fern
Amazon sword
Dwarf hairgrass
Anubias nana
A couple stem plants that I forgot the name of
Cholla wood
Petrified wood
Malaysian driftwood
Water Parameters:

I have a nicrew light, with a HOB filter and heater set to 78 degrees.

This tank started out with a previous Betta and colorful gravel and SpongeBob decor as a Christmas present. I realized that it wasn't good for them and switched over to live plants. I just recently re-scaped this tank and added some rocks and cholla wood, and my ghost shrimp really like the cholla wood.
I feed Luna pellets and flakes 2x a day, with bloodworms and frozen brine shrimp once a week, and one diet day (no feeding). Luna loves to go in the java ferns and Anubias, and go check out the ghost shrimp.
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Here lives a Bad Boy shark who can‘t get it right

Lost a huge home coz all he did was fight fight fight

He killed the Goldies, the Platys, and ate the Guppies

Then told his owner: I’m trapping your puppies!

Oh, he’s pretty all right, robbed jellyfish DNA

To make himself fluorescent both night and day

His substrate and background are midnight black

He went from a Petco Palace to a Walmart Shack

Loves his tacky neon decor, glowing all bright like him

Lurks under a creepy troll bridge waiting for them

Too dumb to know he’s in solitary lockdown

Darts to and fro like a psycho clown

Sad but he sealed his fate

After all the pretty fish he ate

So it’s exile in a 10 gallon tank

Bad Boy deserves it to be quite Frank

PS. this is a blue GloFish Rainbow Shark. He‘s moving to a 29 G soon
He is under the right bridge
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This is my Ciano aqua 60 tank.

Its been running about 2 months , the water PH is 7.35, temp 26 degrees,

Most of the plants are plastic other than the Java Moss, strange algae growth before shrimp tubes will be removed on next water change, i initially though it was a Java moss clump growing but quite sure it isnt now.

Fish, 1 neon, 4 glowlight tetras, 4 endler guppies, 2 Corys, 4 cherry shrimp

Maintenance is a weekly water change and clean of glass, gravel vac when required, clean filter when required or if i notice flow tailing off.

Big pebble stone came from a beach in Shetland dont worry was well cleaned off salt, shrimp tubes and an el cheapo swim through stone feature from amazon.

for feeding i take care not to over do it, once per day flake food called Ocean Nutrition community formula flakes.

Additive used to dechlorinate the water

Plans, to get a second tank probably larger and put the corys in that with more Corys as company,
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This is my Dutch inspired 12 litre.
Water: Rainwater
Ferts: Solufeed 2:1:4
Lighting 2 spare Superfish Day/Night
Inhabitants: Water slaters and Blue Velvet shrimp

Plant list:
Lindernia, Hygrophila siamensis, Ludwigia super red, Myriophyllum Guyana, Lobelia cardinalis, Rotala macranda Mini Pink, Litorella uniflora, Lysimachia nummularia, Bucephalandra and one whose name I forget.
It's just had a trim so not in perfect shape!
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