USB air pump


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Sep 27, 2020
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South East UK
Has anyone tried these little gems yet?
Cheap as chips, silent, tiny, and if I got a years service out of one I'd be happy for about 8 quid. I didn't expect much from it but I was shocked. It's great!!
They're on our well known auction site and they come complete with pipe and air stone.
I found a check valve in my spares box and a plug with a USB slot and that was that. The stone sits in the corner of the tank fizzing away and the tiny barrel shaped pump makes no noise at all.
Even as a backup / spare its a cheap, no frills little thing.
I always keep a "power bank" charged up just in case. We don't often have power cuts here but you never know.

Yeah we'd a 36 hour power cut early August. A stressful time for my tank. We're gonna buy those big power blocks for camping so we can charge devices. It's become a yearly or twice yearly event in the last maybe 5 yrs.

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