Unnecessary air pump?

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Jul 1, 2020
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Hello everyone,
It's a third week since our family decided to have an aquarium. And of course we made a common mistake by buying a small one 30 L (~8gal) Aquael shrimp set tank with Aquael PAT mini filter with a flow of 400 L / h max. We now understood our mistake and recently we ordered 110L (~30gal). But let's continue about the 30 L one. We put aquarium in our bedroom since it is the only place in our home which does not have a direct sunlight. We are quite patient with a noise levels at night but when we open aditional air intake valve on the filter it gets a little too noisy so we went to the store again. The store owner told us to get additional air pump and to use it in daytime to provide additional oxygen to the fish because we said that sometimes it gets to 30 Celsius in our home and turn it off at night so it would not disturb our sleep. Since we knew that the higher the water temperature is the less oxygen it contains we did not have any second thoughts and bought it too. Only now i started reading that oxygen comes to water if water surface has enough water agitation and started to think that we did not need an air pump for such a small aquarium since PAT mini is making a decent water agitation on it's own. Since we are getting a bigger aquarium soon we started to think if we need to buy a second air pump for our next aquarium or we can move it from our 30 L.

This is how our 30L aquarium looks like with air pump on. And that is how it looks without air pump.

Can anyone comment something should we leave an air pump in our small aquarium or we can turn it off permanently and move it to our 110 L which will arrive next week?

Thank you.
Its not needed. Store owner's job is to sell you stuff :whistle:
The second video "without air pump" has good surface disturbance and that is all that is needed. But it must remain on 24/7. Especially with plants...if those are live plants.
Filter is on 24/7 and will stay that way. It's silent buzzing makes me asleep much faster :D plants are not real ... in this aquarium at least :)

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