quietest air pumps

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Jan 10, 2022
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Hi all I am geting items together for my recent purchase of a JUWEL VISION 260 which I have just reseald and fitted a new BOTTOM FRAME to.
I have picked up a fully working in as new condition OASE BIOMASTER 350 WITH WORKING HEATER for my filltration needs.
I am wanting to set up a peacefull comunity fully planted tropical freshwater tank. I am in no hurry and everything will be done however long it takes ie maturing the tank just with plants before addding fish ect. I have been reading up on substates ect and it can be quite confusing also extremely costly dependind on what you parchase I did read that JOHN INNES #3 which is relatively cheap could be used on its own or mixed to provide the sabstrate for root growth and nutrients. I don't mind the cost but don't see the point in paying through the nose for something that dosn't need to be bought to do the same job. I am throwing myself at you mercy in asking for the comunitys experience and recomendations of how to proseed with the substrate.
My original post was for recomendations for a realy QUIET AIR PUMP operate an air stone I have seen resonable seviews on the TETRA SILENT RANGE any help would be gratefully recieved.
Many thanks in advance
I have tried the Tetra pump in the past but wasn't that impressed tbh

I use one of these on my 200 litre aquarium on an air curtain and cannot hear the pump at all

The pump comes with airline, anti backflow valve and airstone in the box

The pump itself has a rubber jacket on it so is pretty much silently working behind a unit that is alongside the aquarium. Can't hear it even when TV is turned off.
I have reviewed the Danner AP-4 in the equipment review section of our forums. I highly recommend it.
Before the Danner one, I had bought the Tetra one. I returned it the next day....silent? no way.
i went through 2 Tetra pumps in a 5 year span. plenty loud unless you have the stereo turned up.
bought a Fluval Q2 10 years ago and it is not only quiet but is holding it's own working like new.
Many thanks to everyone for your replys regarding quite air pumps.
It looks like I definatly won't be getting a TETRA and I would say that from your own experiences with your recomended pumps that any one of them will be what I am looking for.
Once again many thanks.

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