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Jan 29, 2016 at 3:13 PM
Jan 14, 2008
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Oct 21, 1947 (Age: 72)
Home Page:
Forsyth, Illinois, USA

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Livebearer fanatic, Male, 72, from Forsyth, Illinois, USA

Retired Moderator
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Jan 29, 2016
    1. lljdma06
      OM, can you do me a favor and unlock my marine journals, please? They're in the marine section. Yes, we have a marine section. Go look. :)
    2. lovetha
      Nice to meet you
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    3. thedayawaits
      THANK YOU for your advice on my pH problems! I really appreciate the time you gave to helping me with this ongoing issue. I will keep working with it until it settles down, then add my fish (currently six unhappy corries in a hospital tank and a few guppies I want to selectively breed.)
    4. mhancock
      Happy to donate media too - Kent, UK.
    5. hackmaster
      You can add me onto the list of media donors if you like I'm in swadlincote Derbyshire :)
    6. Fishy friend2
      Fishy friend2
      Hey, old man. I've noticed that you have multiple URL's in your siggy, I am not allowed to do any more than 5, is there any other way that I can have more
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    Oct 21, 1947 (Age: 72)
    Home Page:
    Forsyth, Illinois, USA
    My Aquariums & Fish:
    Updated 22Nov09
    45 gallon and 20H Full of wild type endlers.
    40 breeder with xenotaenia resolanae
    29 with a colony of juvenile Characodon latrealis -guadalope aqualera
    20H with a pair of Aphyosymion vivitattum - Funge
    55 with a breeding colony of xenotoca eisenii
    10 gallon with a breeding colony of Xenophallus umbratilis
    120 with a large assortment of different fish
    29 with a breeding colony of Xenoophorus cativus - Jesus maria
    10 with a small group of Brachyrhaphis roseni
    20H with 13 Corydoras Hastatus
    20H with xiphophorus helleri
    40 long with a colony of Ameca Splendens
    10 with a colony of Limia melanogaster
    10 with a colony of Limia perugiae
    10 as a temporary grow out tank for some 2 week old Herotilapia multispinosa
    Classic stainless steel 20 with a colony of Skiffia lermae
    55 with a large group of creamsicle mollies, a few BNPs and a few cories
    10 with a crowded group of AOC guppies
    10 with a breeding colony of Heterandria formosa
    I work in the DIY section where I have things like this to talk about building. I also work in livebearers. Why not follow along as I watch these?<br />

    Aquariums and carpentry