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  • Thanks :) She is young and always up to trouble!! If she is not chewing the door to bits (wonder what the landlady is going to say!!!) she is nibbling my fingers of neck for attention! Words other than lovely come to mind at those ponits :p But honestly, she is! So much personality! The pionus is a lot more mature, so easy going, but fussy as anything! ...
    Nice looking birds you got m8, Lovin the pic of the grey. Would like to see more of them , we never get enough bird people in household pets lol
    regards scot :D
    kuhlis are fine, but the only other frog you could have is an ACF (african clawed frog) and he will end up eating your kuhli and fish - but maybe you could set up another smaller tank for african dwarfs one day?? their tank set up is extremely simple!
    hey! you could possibly have a few african DWARF frogs in your tank. (african CLAWED frogs will quickly grow large enough to eat your fish)
    how tall is your tank? african dwarfs need to breathe oxygen from the surface, so the water depth should never exceed 15 inches, preferably 12 inches, as it would become a struggle to breathe.
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