Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

Most 'scapes? Now look pretty much the same to me after more than five years of plant myopia. Looks to me some tear down their scapes only to make a new one just like the old one... and call it new content.
Has anybody done a desert oasis 'scape? No. Not one..all are Japanese gardens underwater. One day I will be the first!
Sorry, I've seen a couple of desert waterhole and oasis scapes. People who keep the old Aphanius group have done them, since some are desert fish. I've also seen photos of Australian ones, with desert gobies.

I've seen soda lake scapes, riffles, rapids, beach, lake surf zones, ditches, puddles, streambanks, brooks, even a Florida ditch one with fake garbage.

The Japanese garden ones don't last.
Kuhli loaches?

It's all been done before. Really contrived scapes go up, and come down.
How true. Mine has been steadily evolving for almost five years now. No tearing down going to happen or planned. Not when I wait for years for trident ferns, bolbitis and java fern to make clumps.
alright, everyone gets to share unpopular opinions they have. Fish related.

I'll start.

Neon tetras are mean little turds.
Agreed, they can be. I've always kept them with my bettas, but the last school I had started nipping betta fins. I took back to store and got a school of Glowlight Tetras. Had them over a year now and no nipping. I read that if Neons kept at too high a termperature they can become crabby. My temp is high for benefit of betta and I guess too high for normally peaceful Neons.
I'll add my unpopular opinion. Never trust a Bristlenose Pleco not to murder your fish. I bought a female to put in my betta tank with Corys and Glowlight Tetras. I has the most beautiful Platinum Bettas and came home one day to find him gasping on bottom with a huge reddish semi-circle across his body. He died. Nobody else in this tank could have done it. I hated that fish after that and took back to fish store.

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