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Jun 2, 2003
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Leeds/Manchester, UK
i recently bought some new plants and now i can see 8 small snails and the sheels a bit gold/seethru any ideas
u can buy this stuff that can get rid of snails have a look 4 it :thumbs:
Probably the plant u bought has snail eggs with it. U can either squish them and ur fishies will happily eat them, or get some loaches coz they'll eat the snails. Or just keep them. They'll clean algae up in ur tank!
Hold on! Now please dont start saying this type of Loach will eat the snails. You the person should remove the snails. Not by rushing to the lfs and thinking this fish will eat them all up! How about buying Loaches for what they are!! Loaches will only eat snails in the aquarium when there is no other food around! And you cant starve other fish while you try this. Loaches are clever! they know when you feed them!

oops ive said it in th epast when people hve asked what fish eat snails ive NOT said ooo go out and buy a hundred clown loaches and whip them till all the snails are gone. im not irrisponsible of courseif you have a big tank then its allmost bible that you get som kind of loach i personally dont i havent kept a loach in about 6 years probably more well however long ago it was i gave up keeping fish. i totally aagree with graeme some people will go out and get fish to do a job. an example is some people will get an otto or a plec and not feed it alge wafers thinking its an alge mashine that lives off the side of the tank. so when i say clown loaches eat snails bear in mind i mean that sometimes they eat small snails whn they are bored and will help to keep the population under controll. they will not irradicate them in an instant thats why people buy oscars... jk (for those of you who are now suddenly thinking of getting an oscar dont)
hehe jam roll i like it. there will be allot of people who would go ou tand get themselve fish just because they like the look of them its a shame because i have what i would conside a huge tank and its not big enough for most of my faveorite fish. :( still its all about patience... maybee i will get a marine tank one of thease days...
Hold on! Now please dont start saying this type of Loach will eat the snails.

I'm sorry I said that. :X I said bcoz someone in another forum suggested this to me in the past when I discovered 3 little pond snails with the plants I bought. So I thought to pass this to others need help.

I've actually seperated my snails to another small tank to let them live on their own and now I got more than 100 tiny little snails. It's fun to watch them grow!

Btw, if they r pond snails, their shells r what u described, jht! I've also heard that if u let them reproduced for several generations, u'll start to see ones with different colours / shapes!
Loaches will only eat snails in the aquarium when there is no other food around!
Sorry I didn't know this b4 as well. So does it mean that snails can survive in a tank with loaches in it? I asked bcoz I start to develop an interest in Apple Snails......
no i do not want to get rid of them because they eat algae and fish waste i want to know what sort of snail they are?
well it depends on the colour and the shape tho you should know that even then there are more exact speicies than i will know about i know of about three or four but one of them the pointyest one i know of has a crazy latin name i cant do latin names. wish i had learned latin. anyways the first three

rams horn : round like a rams horn @ kinda like that to look at from the side and | to look at from the front if ya get me.thease are the best sort if you ask me i love em cause they are relatively good with plants and good with alge and population im experience

grate pond snail : secone the ones that look like a unicorns horn kinda spiral off to a fine tip thease are not so good imo as they eat plants more than the others and tend to take over a tank and leave it bare of plants im shure they would eath the gravel and the fish if they could go fast enough. i dont like thease.

apple snail : kinda yellow like an apple in that they are roundish imagin a yellow cros between the two ive just mensioned and you got it thease are the ones you might see for sail at the pet shop they are the best normally as they dont breed too much and dont toutch the plants so far as ive seen.

there are loads more including little red ones i dont know anything about and some really pointy ones that kinda look weird and a bunch of others i cant remeber.

Mine r just ordinary pond snails, biggest 0.5cm. Their shells r semi transparent, yellowish-gold so similar to what u described. They r not as big as ramshorn/apple/great pond but they reproduce real quick. Do u hav a picture of them?
Mine are like felines, ordinary pond snails. They are almost transparent, golden coloured, when in an aquarium, but they really reproduce! I still have to clean algae off the tank and ornaments :D :D
I thought the ones that are like a unicorn's horn were Malaysian Trumpet snails. They are meant to be quite good for the tank - they burrow into the substrate and aireate(sp?) it.

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