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That same issue happened with my Penguin 150 and 100 units.  Doesn't exactly give you a secure feeling about shutting one down for a water change.............
Anyway, my Petsmart employee friend has a nasty filter setup like yours too.  He grows Bamboo plants out of it on purpose, huge plants.  That's just a filtration tank for his main tank though.  It's setup almost like a saltwater tank setup.
I have house guests from back in Long Island and I can't spend my usual "tank time."  That would be rude according to my wife..............Fish are people too I say!  
I have that same filter! Just not in use right now.


I bought this tank in July.. I has had the same media cartridge in it since then.. I has a great colony of bacterias growing in there and do not want to disturb it.. I also has jarva(sic) moss, duckweeds and some other plants growing off of it.. I'd load her up with lucky bamboo and get an awesome biofilter going.. but then again, I am a freak




Kewl beeenz
Oh, and King Powder died of Dwarf Gourami Disease I believe.  Out of nowhere he just got lethargic one day and was dead within a couple of days.  Probably about a month or two after that video was taken, and as you can see, he was full of life before that.

...........and as far as the filter goes, I plugged it in but nothing happened.  No hum, no noise, no nothing.  Until I pulled out the whole thing.
wow, that is strange..

Luzzing this photobusket.. thanks for turning me on to it yo..
Hey Lovelies!!!

Juss got home from work a few minutes ago.. Brought in five bags of pellets for when I am gone, and fed the fish..

Need to relax for a minute then I has to pack..

Going to take two three pound bags of trailmix, 10 or so snicker bars(whatever I has left)a three pound bag of sour patch kids and I'd like to get some cashews, but I do not think that will be in the cards..

I think I may be lacking on my salty munchies.. Oh I need to pack tums.. I always seem to get heartburn.. I think the stroopwaffles do that to me..

it's going to be a hoot!!!
Hey Lovelies!!!

All packed up, ready to go.. Spring is in the air.. I hear the skreet sweepers outside my house..

I checked, those are only 2pound, 10 oz bags of trailmix.. My buddy doesn't want the sour patch kids, so I am leaving those too..

We are going to hit the Albert Hiem Market and get some fresh fruit later on today..

Today is going to be a long day if history repeats.. 07 I stayed up for 43 hours straight, that's from when I left boston to touch down in A-dam... And I dint get to sleep until four o'clock in the morning the next day.. That was because we went to a stupid dance club and closed it down.. Not doing that again.. I'll go to a pub, but I am too old for dance clubs.. not to mention the crappy music..
Whoohoo!  Sounds like a blast.  See if you can update us on how things are going..........
Yeah pretty quiet.

Hey lovelies!

I picked up myself a pair o German blue rams, one died the first night but I'm not sure whether keep the one or get a new male :/ and my marine tank is coming along smoothly and almost ready for water :)
That's great news about your salty tank MoF!  Good luck and please post pictures here, I'd love to see your progress.  I might try a Marine tank in the winter if I can get my Freshy tanks down to only 2.
Hey Loverlies!  I had house guests for the last week, in fact they came exactly 1 week ago tonight.  One of my best friends from back on Long Island with his wife and son.  My wife & his wife also best of friends, and our sons get along very well so it works out.  
Oh, and Phantomlink, It's only quiet here because you're not posting!  We can't let this thread die because Hambone went to Amsterdam.  There has to be some random, everyday stuff in your life that you can discuss here in Hey Lovelies.................we cover fish, music, politics, food, family, work, etc.  Just whatever floats your boat.  
I've been busy playing alot... and alot of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate!

I found a science website that sells Daphnia Magna primarily to schools but they agreed to sell me some cultures ( their smallest is supposed to be enough for 35 students, I imagine I should get quite abit ) since Daphnia is next to impossible to find in Canada unless its from another hobbyist which... there aren't any here I did find one but they are 3 hours away
We have frozen Daphnia available here but my fish don't like it that much.  They prefer frozen Brine Shrimp or Bloodworms in that order.  

Hey LOvelies!
I just fed the Bettas about 5-7 Betta pellets each & now I'm about to fed the other tanks.............

Here's a great song, works well wish fishkeeping for some reason:
Of course what they're really saying is some people can be phony, especially when "fame" is concerned....................
Oh I can find frozen, but I need live food for my Axolotl since they're still small, the food will make them grow faster and live food moves around their containers so they can eat whenever they want.  Brine Shrimp I've not only failed horribly at culturing ( I get some, but the water is never orange like all the videos ) but they arent freshwater and need lots of rinsing before they can even go near my babies
Hey lovelies!

Just got home from my baseball game! We won 11-0, I went 1-3 with a walk and a triple that should've been a homer but we were up 10-0 and my coach didn't want to embarrass the other team anymore :angry: it would've been a grand slam too! I was kinda mad, but whatcha gonna do :ugh:
Hey Lovelies!
My laptop has a virus so is in the shop so I've managed to get on Dads so I can check in with you Lovelies. Wonder how Hammy is faring? Oh to be a fly on the wall......
Now that The Walking Dead is done I'm wondering what box set to get my teeth into next. Well, next after Dexter......... I hear the Wire is good, any opinions?
My little pleco is out on the glass more often, probably because he's hungry.I'v tried all sorts of ways to feed the poor fella his algae wafers but the rest of them are all over them, even at night and he scoots off to hide.
Going to see Oblivion tomorrow night. Not too hopeful if Jack Reacher was anything to go by!
Hope all well with you Lovelies. Later!
Hey Fintastic!  You should check out the "Vikings" series on the History Channel.  So far it seems realistic and fairly historically accurate.  Good acting all around too.  I'm pretty sure they'll have a boxed set available sooner or later.
I'm also a fan of Boardwalk Empire, the HBO series.
Hey Lovelies!  I just spent $55 on blade and some hardware I needed for my riding mower.  Now I get the task of installing them.  How exciting...........whoohoo!

Man of fish said:
Hey lovelies!

Just got home from my baseball game! We won 11-0, I went 1-3 with a walk and a triple that should've been a homer but we were up 10-0 and my coach didn't want to embarrass the other team anymore
it would've been a grand slam too! I was kinda mad, but whatcha gonna do :ugh:
Good game. Being a good sportsman is all part of it.  
Hey Lovelies!!!

Made it back today.. It was great seeing my daughter.. i missed her terribly..

good times were had by all..
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