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Sep 29, 2020
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Ive had a 20 gallon 90cmx30cmx30cm glass tank.
my 60x30 stand can hold up to up to double my 20gallon weight. ive no problem with the weight BUT it overhangs by 15cm(6inches) on each side. I’m planning on a 25cm thickness of plywood to support the base of the tank. A very thick one indeed. Any thoughts if its gonna be okay? Need help here.
A 25mm thick (not cm ;)) marine plywood or wood with varnish for water protection would be fine to use as a base support for your tank. But for 15cm/6 inches each side overhang might be pushing it a bit but if you can attach strong large heavy duty brackets to the underside of the support base to the stand itself, that would offer more stability.

I've done this for one of my tanks in the past when found the stand was narrower than the new tank itself, but the over hang was only about 3 inches each side so was not too bad.

I used 20mm MDF with 3 coats of yacht varnish for waterproofing the mdf in case of water spillage during water changes, and painted the edge black for aesthetics and fixed with heavy duty brackets each side of the stand to underneath the MDF board to stop movements and extra strength, a bit OTT in my case but am OCD about things like that personally.

Heavy duty brackets.jpg
Edging added to new top.jpg
Bogwood option 2.jpg
Two pieces of 25mm marine or WBP ply would be better. Three even better still. Four etc. Same role applies to ikea bookshelves* when they bend under the weight of the huge brainy books read by the members of this forum. (I’ve been in the sawdust lark for over 40yrs).......a wasted life tbh. Kids please don’t spend your schooldays staring out of the windows.

*Other bookshelves are available.
I agree, I wouldn’t go for it on that self.

(Amazing looking tank so far though... ;))
Just for the record 25mm ply needs support centres every 900mm so a canterlevered overhang of 150mm is well within tolerances, 18mm would even be fine. The weight of the tank is going to be evenly distributed and that will prevent bowing.
I would edge band the ply then use a good quality varnish, 5-7 layers.
Im pretty sure good quality ply would hold the tank in my case? should i still stick to the plan? just need 100% sure in accordance to my tank dimentions. to make sure nothing bad will happen.
I'd listen to @ClownLurch as he's a carpenter. And not me as I'm a graphic designer. But...

Your scape set up is looking great!
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