fish tank stands

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  1. A


    Ive had a 20 gallon 90cmx30cmx30cm glass tank. my 60x30 stand can hold up to up to double my 20gallon weight. ive no problem with the weight BUT it overhangs by 15cm(6inches) on each side. I’m planning on a 25cm thickness of plywood to support the base of the tank. A very thick one indeed. Any...
  2. CoryLover95

    Good Stands?

    Hi, I'm looking for a good stand to put my 37-gallon aquarium on.  Right now, it's actually in the garage on the floor (very unattractive spot!) because we're in a rental and REALLY don't want to mess up the good carpets.  I've only had the tank for a few months and never got a stand.  But in 6...