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Tanganyikan Cichlid Question

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Eliza J

New Member
Nov 11, 2023
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Arkansas, US
I am emptying my 60 breeder of dithers, angelfish and EBa into 75 gal, to place 1 barely 2” Calvus, 1 small 2” Lucipinnis into. I also own 2 young 10 months old, 2 3/4” Brichardi that I raised. Positive they are both male. They are now in 75 with a couple of CA cichlids I’m rehoming. I don't want Brichardi staying where they are comfortable, wanted to move everyone at same time. And Brichardi won’t play nice with my “soft” fish in 75 stock plan.

I’m asking for advice, if I can keep those 2 Brichardi who will never be breeding as I’m not going thru that again, in 60 breeder with young Calvus and Lucipinnis, with possibility of adding 2 more young Lucipinnis.

I can always move calvus and catfish in for a week or 2 and then move in Brichardi last.

Thank you

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