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Super Bowl and Valentine's Cooking Help,

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Oct 9, 2021
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Lake Worth Florida
Chef Alex is READY to answer your Super Bowl Party food questions and your Valentine's Day Dinner questions as well! The February 2022 Ask Chef Alex LIVE is SUPERSIZED! Chef Alex is answering your questions LIVE tonight at 10:30 PM ET/ 7:30 PM PT! Need help planning your Super Bowl Party? I am here to help!! Need Valentine's Day dinner suggestions? I'm here to help! Email all your cooking and baking questions to [email protected] by 9:30 PM ET/ 6:30 PM PT tonight. You can also ask your questions LIVE during the show tonight or you can come appear in the studio!
You can also answer my questions!
Chef Alex Asks You:
Q1: What foods do you like to serve during a Super Bowl Party?
Q2: What are your favorite Valentine's Day Treats?
Q3: What are your doing for Valentine's Day Dinner?
email your answers to [email protected]
The reason tonight's Ask Chef Alex LIVE is SUPERSIZED! is because it's Super Bowl 56 and Valentine's THEMED!
There will be many cooking and baking tips dedicated to the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day!
Chef Alex Cooking Tips # 1: Super Bowl Party Food Ideas
Chef Alex Cooking Tips# 2: Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas
Chef Alex Baking Tips: Super Bowl Desserts
Chef Alex Baking Tips: Valentine's Day Desserts
The Recipes I will be giving out tonight include: Homemade Chicken Tenders with a Sweet Buffalo Sauce perfect for the Big Game this weekend, Strawberry Cheesecake for Valentine's Dessert and tips for cooking the perfect steak!
LIVE tonight at 10:30 PM ET/ 7:30 PM PT on my YouTube channel The Legendary Alex Cardinale!
Had a BLAST hosting the SUPERSIZED Ask Chef Alex LIVE! It was fun to share my tips and ideas for Super Bowl Party foods and desserts and Valentine's Day Dinner and desserts! I also gave out a delicious Chicken Tender recipe with Sweet Honey Buffalo Sauce! I also gave out awesome tips for making the perfect steak.
You can still ask any cooking or baking questions you have. Just simply post them in the comments and I'll answer them.
I think you will like this video! Check it out and enjoy!!!

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