Any temporary solution for getting rid of a really bad odor out of you water at least in time for a couple of water changes can get done?

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First part is fluff as usual from me, so you can skip it LOL. I just felt like getting it out of my head since the experience (especially under the influence of massive doses of narcotics and barbiturates and low oxygen levels) Bad week at my house, fell twice, then vomited for 2 solid days. Ended up in the hospital but begged to get out by the next day (the hospital was overflowing and after all the scans my head and body were fine. Same thing happened in February. I guess they created 16 tiny rooms in the basement,of the hospital for extra rooms when they run out. subpar finishing. I think it likely was once a breakroom. They had a fat (500 pound women tear up t their "bed bath" and poop all over two nurses. You'd think they'd keep a spare set of clothes. I had a bathroom - no door, no TV - did fined a cable for my ohonw. I guess I like passed out when I got there or they gave me something to go on Bpap because my CO2 levels were at 70 (over 40 is the high limit - I'm usually about 39) But ideally you need to get all that CO2 out of your lungs so you can free up some blood cells for hemoglobin rather than CO2. - I just remember hearing my daughter talk to a nurse who told her to go home since I would be out all night - at that moment I decide to get up -trying to tear the mask off. My daughter said I was mouthing that I "couldn't breath" = the nurse turned out to be a CNA and didn't have a clue how to get me out of this device but had pulled a couple of wires out and tried to open the mask so (I was have in/half out and didn't feel like there was any oxygen (most likely a panic attack which also isn't fun) - my daughter told me it took them over 10 minutes of terror for them to find a respiratory therapist (he knows me well so I bet he actually hurried.) Some elderly man sounded like he was trying to cough up a lung. and coughed all night poor guy. From what I could hear and see, it looked like the staff all tried to take a dinner break down there and made it a potluck and shared with each other. Not once did I see cafeteria staff down there and no menus (I have it memorized anyway) I wasn't ever offered any food and I wasn't that hungry and didn't want to throw up again. I'm saying just discharge me - I knew what my house looked and smelled like and needed it clean for a dinner party/Family birthday on Sunday. My house looked like about 15 or more places of projectile vomiting - I remember thinking - I don't even feel sick - it just comes up a any time. I'm the type of person that is very picky and must have a clean house = this was disgusting.

Got home on Friday and immediately cleaned all night and didn't go to bed until 8:30 am. My daughter picked up some more cleaning supplies and treated me like **** (this was before I knew the real story of how she couldn't get updates about me and thought I was dying and the look on my face when I couldn't breathe really messed her up - them she gets home and her son wan't up to play while her husband was working from home and on a critical call - so THAT's why she didn't offer to help me - she had no one to help her. So I called my temporarily unemployed friend that I knew needed some money and she came over and had most of the houses back in order in 4 hours - I just had to get the laundry and litterbox done (my poor indoor cat was horse from crying non-stop - which she does whenever I leave. I seriously overpay my friend and give her a huge supply of kleenex and bath tissue from an order I placed by mistake through Amazon - I couldn't return them because I could only fit one box in my car per trip (and there were 8 boxes. I need to pay attention and not order things at night. $300 in paper goods.

So I had the kids over for dinner and the house looked great other than a couple of rooms I didn't manage to find a way to puke in.. So anyway they told me I was pretty near death anyway so I guess I made a good decision going to the hospitl and hiring my friend to clean, The new bipaps are hard to use (I could turn off and on the old ones - but not these and couldn't find an O2 port on them. Told my daughter if they ever say I'll spend my life on a ventilator then give them a DNR order and don't let them dare try it. I've become very melodramatic lately after they told me I have about 5-7 yrs to live assuming I don't get, bad colds, covid or some other influenzas or pneumonia. Or sombody presses a big red button in a briefcase or the Russian football - isn't that what they call theirs? It's a depressing thought - at 61 I'm not that old and I need something more than senior living (no medical included but 2100 pwe month). If you need any medical attention you take care of it yourself and call 911. Next you go to assisted living which has the medical but is far more than what I need at $4600.a month (I'd run out of money too soon and be dumped on a medicaid doorstep. But I keep falling her and cathing my hair on fire (gas range and it smells really bad when you burn your hair. I' tried one of those button things "I"ve fallen and I cant get up) but I set it off constantly and after a certain point- if they have to call emergency service too often when there isn't an emergency then there is a fine. I set it off 3 times the first day I had it. Couldn't use a wrist watch because my hands are always in fish tanks and the lovely huge red and white pendent would get tangled in my oxygen cord which was really bad - plus I set it off evertime I carried things). So I use my Iphone as an emergeny system - there is an emergency button or just ask Siri.

So how does this relate to this forum? I had a rather large 3" fish get chewed up by the impeller of our HOB filter on our 90-gallon tank. Had to add a 2nd HOB filter to help it out last week (but the seller of the cannister filter is replacing it under warranty But lets just say the smell was litterally worse than the smell made from my own mess. Got the remains out and it was about 3 days old and it was so bad. I still had company coming and would just keep every body out of the room. The impeller also got bend and stops and starts . It takes hours to empty and fill a 90 gallon tank even with 3 suction hoses on it and I tend to forget about checking on the bins we emply the water in - you get the idea. Either fish people take a lot of pride in being able to handle strong scents (no guts, no glory) or I'm just a wimp.

So is there any safe temporary "water perfume substance you're aware of - obviously there is vinegar, ammonia, baking soda but all are unacceptable. I do have a lovely bottle of Estee Lauder White Linen or Clinique Happy but I suspect they too would either poison them or mess with the water chemisty - HELP - I'm still just way too sick to do this and my dear assistant doesn't have a day off until Tuesday to get to it; And I'm not sure we can get the fish skin off the inside of the impeller and chamber - ever. It seemed a little baked in,

I so hope everybody else had a much better week than I did. - Love and Peace.
These are meant for the bathroom, they don't spray (so no issues with the aquarium getting dosed), they are very good at eliminating/neutralising bad pongs...just take them out of the packet, press the button on the back to activate and sit them close to the aquarium


Or you can use these, they do a similar job as the Febreze gizmo's but instead of a perfumey smell its a totally neutral one that completely removes the pong...just peel the top off the pot and stand alongside the source of the pong.

Remove the body from the tank.
Add some carbon to the filter.
Increase aeration.
Let some air into the room.
Don't let the rotten fish touch your skin because it takes days to wash the smell off.

I found a 5 inch Hoplosternum catfish that had died in one of my tanks. I'm not sure how long it had been dead for but I guess about a week. I lifted it out by the tail and this milky white liquid dripped out of its mouth and ended up on the floor. Fuplie it was horrible. My hand stank for days after. I bleached the floor and opened the room up. It stank, it really really stank.


Can you have pets at the first home you mentioned, where you do your own 911 calls?

If you keep falling down, you might be better off in one of the homes so someone can help you back up sooner. However, the expensive one is going to ruin you financially so the cheaper option (without medical care) might be the best way to go.
Sorry you've had such a rough time Jan. Hope things are more stable now. Take it easy.
Not much else you can do but the water change and look for whatever decaying organics might be in there and fix that.
Don't feel like the Lone Ranger when it comes to life beating you up. In my life everybody I know is dying or really sick and about too. My wife is nearly a complete invalid and I have a lot to do taking care of her. Ain't life a total kick in the pants ?
One additional suggestion - Adding prefilters to filter intakes. Not only prevents fish from being 'swallowed' by filters, but also any large bits will be visible, making you visually aware of needed cleaning. Cleaning should be done regularly regardless of visible crude.
All kinds of options available including purchasing pre-made prefilters (what a waste!), and a multitude of free DIY options.
OH yeah. One day its 1975 Disco and playing hoops all Saturday and then its..chronic pain,BP. I couldn't tell one new song on the radio. Only if the granddaughters like then I MIGHT hear it enough to know. Maybe.
Carbon is for odors. Room freshners might poison the fish.

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